Week 5 Hunger Strike Quotes

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“We have so many young voters in our community that don’t understand they can be fired from their job or denied housing for just being gay. If we can continue to call attention to this lack of equality and to educate our friends and families, we’re half way there. We must educate ourselves and use our most powerful tool at our disposal: our right to vote ”
– Eddie Mulak

“We as a state, should not be divided by our individual beliefs, but instead should be united by the love in our hearts.”
– Tobias Davis

“Becoming involved puts learning into application and action really makes all the difference. Through positive collective action, even one person is able to join with others as an effective way to help many people. Be the change you want to see in the world, starting with yourself.”
– Jon Johnston

“I participated in this hunger strike to bring attention to the issues of inequality that impact the LGBT community in Michigan and to encourage voters to carefully research issues and candidates before voting. Make sure the candidates support your values, and then vote!”
– Michelle Walters

“I think this is great. We need to keep the dialogue going on these issues because when people talk, change comes.”
– Shane Savage

“As we were striking we realized how uncomfortable we felt being confined to one small space – not being able to enjoy the same freedoms that seem so trivial to others. It’s time we started making the Bill Schutte’s and Tom McMillan’s uncomfortable – have them take time out of their over privileged lives to understand how their discriminatory decision-making has been affecting the LGBT population in Michigan.”
– Sheri Folta and Cass Varner

“If the LGBT community is seen as a minority and make up such a small percent of Michigan’s population, then I don’t understand why these hall of shame people feel so threatened..”
– Lisa Ross

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