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Famous Homophobes

By |2012-09-13T09:00:00-04:00September 13th, 2012|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Shakespearean “shucks”
6 Do-overs for Billie Jean
10 Bean and Burke waved theirs around
14 San Vicente of gossip
15 Island of Diamond Head Beach
16 Black and white sandwich
17 Office employee
18 Like an authentic Broadway bio?
19 German capital
20 Candidate Rick who opposed same-sex marriage
22 Anti-family James of Focus on the Family
24 Southwestern plateaus
26 Hot-tempered
27 He blamed gays for Hurricane Andrew
32 Voyeur’s confession?
33 Bone in the head
34 Owed
37 Online stat exaggerators?
40 Most queer
42 Fictional detective Spade
43 Circles over Mary and Peter
47 Soprano Gluck
48 He damned homosexuality as “intrinsically evil”
51 “Li’l” guy of Dogpatch
54 Stiller’s partner, once
55 Antigay crusader Anita
57 Jimmy who told politicians not to accept campaign contributions from gay people
62 Take to the cleaners
63 Diva’s performance
65 Woman without a woman, e.g.
66 Long, slender instrument
67 Maupin setting for tales
68 Bert’s roommate
69 Take care of
70 Vibrators and such
71 Opening for a bopper?


1 Rainbow shapes
2 Cross-dresser in a Kinks song
3 Sherman Hemsley religious sitcom
4 One in a breath mint pack
5 Beach Boys comeback hit
6 Legs-intertwined positions
7 What a stud leaves on a lobe?
8 Thanksgiving da., e.g.
9 Filed for palimony, e.g.
10 Part for a Singer
11 Became erect
12 Caruso or Domingo
13 Father of Chaz
21 “Gone With the Wind” extra
23 Long ago
25 “Fifth Beatle” Sutcliffe
27 Police at Stonewall, in slang
28 Area east of the Urals
29 Lions or Tigers or Bears
30 Kevin Bacon in “Footloose”
31 Roadside warning sign
34 Where the salami is hidden
35 Nabor’s branch, on TV
36 State on the Seine
38 Richard Chamberlain’s “The ___ Birds”
39 Maple fluid
41 Mom’s mate
44 NASA craft
45 What helps health spas live off the fat of the land?
46 Paths where your first mate cruises
48 Came to a head
49 Piece-loving org.
50 Small leather bar?
51 Monastery’s main man
52 Cash inducement
53 Material on a drag queen’s legs
56 Diplomatic trait
58 _Myra Breckinridge_ writer Vidal
59 A girl named Frank
60 Steed stopper
61 Parker of _South Park_
64 Carnaval locale

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