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Jerome Corsi

By |2012-09-20T09:00:00-04:00September 20th, 2012|Creep of the Week, Opinions|

Creep of the Week

Have you heard the news about Obama? He’s gay. A total homo closeted to the extreme who spent an awful lot of time at Chicago gay clubs and bath houses. Brave “author” Jerome Corsi, known for books such as “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?” and “Obama Nation” (get it? Abomination?), took to the pages of World Net Daily to expose Obama’s secret gay life.
And how does Corsi know about Homobama? Because he’s been doing some super-sleuthing. “This is something I’ve accumulated a great deal of evidence on,” Jerome Corsi says in an August video. “The evidence, I think, is very strong.”
Evidence includes a photo of Obama sitting next to his college roommate on a couch. He “seems to be sitting about on the guy’s lap,” says Corsi. “I’ve not seen a lot of roommate pictures where two guys are that chummy.” The photo in question shows Obama sitting kind of close to a skinny dude, though they aren’t touching. On the other side of the couch, next to Obama, is a bunch of stuff, which helps to explain why the two men are sitting where they are. Corsi also points out that this same roommate was Pakistani and that Obama went to Pakistan with him. Because Pakistan is such a gay vacation hot spot.
And then there are the photos of Obama wearing a band on his ring finger long before he was married to Michelle. “He’s not married as far as we know, unless this is a love affair with his Pakistani male roommate,” Corsi says. In fact, he ruminates on the Ring of Gay Mystery for an entire 13 minute video. “Was he married to a guy, I mean, what’s the deal?” asks Corsi. He calls these “legitimate questions” that people have a right to know the answer to.
One of Corsi’s “sources” is Kevin DuJan, founder and editor of http://www.HillBuzz.org, which has an entire page detailing a long and lurid conspiracy theory about Obama’s homosexuality and the lengths he’s gone to cover it up.
DuJan claims that Obama will go so far as to have you killed if you’ve ever slept with him and might talk. He then points to the tragic death of Alex Okrent, a 29 year-old Obama campaign staffer who died after collapsing in a campaign office. According to DuJan, Obama must have offed him and they must have been gay lovers.
Oh, and remember how earlier this month the big burly pizza shop owner gave Obama a bear hug? DuJan says this is more proof that Obama is light in the loafers. “I don’t think Van Duzer is gay, but Obama sure is for allowing this big ‘bear’ to hug him,” writes DuJan.
With sources like DuJan, how could Corsi possibly be wrong?
Lest you think Corsi’s “investigation” has nefarious purposes, Corsi insists, “The issue is, again, not an issue that we want to raise in terms of criticizing the homosexuality or the bisexuality or whatever Obama’s true inclination are. The issue is why does he have to lie about this, too? And why is Obama if he wants to go out and proclaim same-sex marriage, he wants to proclaim that all of this is great for everybody except he has to lie about himself?”
See? Corsi clearly just wants to help the president to come out of the closet. What a nice guy. Corsi then, displaying a complete lack of irony, declares that this whole thing is an issue of “truthfulness.” Ha ha ha hoo. Stop, my sides.

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