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Easy as ABC

By |2012-10-18T09:00:00-04:00October 18th, 2012|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Margaret Cho’s comedy, often
8 Match penile lengths, e.g.
15 Blanche Wiesen Cook subject
16 It could leave a salty taste in your mouth
17 Lists of tasks
18 Record of a meeting
19 With 20-Across, ABC’s Best Comedy Emmy winner
20 See 19-Across
21 Cunning
22 Added just under the wire
26 Top-secret org.
27 St. Peter’s et al.
29 Go lickety-split
32 Like Mary’s little follower
33 Per person
37 Genesis brother
38 Capitol Hill prizes
39 Bamako’s country
40 With 42-Across, Emmy winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy
42 See 40-Across
43 Bears witness
46 Queer, literally
48 Wee one
49 Shoe spec
50 Greg of “As Good As It Gets”
54 Symbols of Marilyn and Diana in the wind
59 Emmy winner for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy
61 Fey of “30 Rock”
62 Give the slip to
63 Look up and down
64 Peter I, for one
65 Recipient of Bugs’ kisses
66 Message at LesbiaNation.com


1 Petticoat junctions?
2 Star in Perseus
3 How saxes sound
4 Peppermint stick you can lick
5 Mitchell of NBC News
6 Assholes
7 Doubtfire’s title
8 Rotating engine part
9 Openings of porno flicks
10 “Later!”
11 Juicy job for a fruit?
12 Husband of a Duke
13 Rods’ partners
14 Cushy school course
23 Collapse
24 “East of Eden” director Kazan
25 By ___ of (owing to)
27 Refute
28 Island of Mead’s research
29 Indian head
30 Go up against
31 Boston cager, for short
34 Man who can become a queen
35 He did Jackie’s clothes
36 “Six Feet Under” box material
41 Rob on the screen
42 Sportscaster Musburger
44 Where Patty Sheehan takes her driver?
45 Boardwalk diversion
46 Withdraw in a “stately” way
47 Prick stimulator
50 “Etta ___” (old comic strip)
51 “The Unicorn” author Murdoch
52 Lesbian porn star Hartley
53 Tenn. neighbor
55 Go down
56 Blocks off the toy aisle
57 Phallic swimmers
58 Keep in
60 ___ Lock

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