Hungry4Equality: Week 10

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Be sure to stop by the Affirmations Community Center this week and thank the Hungry4Equality strikers. For more information about Hungry4Equality, go to {URL>

“It is so important we ensure that members of our own community understand the condition of our rights in Michigan and what’s at stake in the upcoming election. We need to mobilize our friends who understand just how vital it is to be engaged in this process.”
– George Westerman

“For our state to truly be a world-class destination, it must become inclusive of all LGBT Michiganders..”
– Johnny Jenkins

“There are many reasons I’m striking, but the top two are: 1) my best friend, co-mama, soulmate, and love of my life; and 2) our amazing and beautiful son. In Michigan, my relationship to both of them is not legally recognized, which I find both terrifying and infuriating. I look forward to the day when my family will be treated the same as anyone else. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask.”
– Kim Phillips-Knope

“People are leaving Michigan daily because there are other states that make them feel like they’re being treated equally. Michigan’s legislators should be embarrassed to have such an anti-equality label slapped all over the state. It’s like sending a ‘you’re not invited’ note to every out-of-stater in the country.”
– Debbie David

“The more people see us, hear us, work with us, hang out with us, and all the other ways we connect with other folks in Michigan, the better chance we have of actualizing the equality that is necessary for this state.”
– Michelle Mahoney

“This is a cause I feel passionately about. Members of our government are often heard saying that we need to retain talent in our state. If they want to keep people interested in living, working, and investing in Michigan, then they need to provide equal rights to the LGBTQ population. I’m striking to build awareness and encourage voters to elect supportive representatives.”
– Kris Lewis-Grinwisr

“I will continue to stand up until everyone has the same rights in Michigan.”
– Deb Holbrook

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