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Sesame Street Fight

By | 2012-10-25T09:00:00-04:00 October 25th, 2012|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Funny Mabley
5 Memorial Day race, briefly
9 Erect member
14 Roasting place
15 “Brothers & Sisters” matriarch
16 Angelou poem, “And Still ___”
17 Hacienda room
18 Fly like an eagle or a falcon
19 Exasperates
20 With 38-Across, cutting support to PBS on the campaign trail
23 Got ready for porking?
24 Reel
28 Battery term.
29 Scott of “Beautiful Thing”
32 Come out
33 Former NFL player Tuaolo
35 Lion protest
37 “Viva, Las Vegas” middle name
38 See 20-Across
41 Island of Diamond Head Beach
44 American follower?
45 “Siddhartha” writer
49 Uranus, for one
51 Interstate rumbler
53 Beret or beanie
54 Ball whackers, in Ping-Pong
56 Have the attention of
58 Same sex couple effected by cracking down
61 Potpourri scent
64 Gave a pink slip to
65 “No” voter
66 Not quite erect
67 What either bride may wear
68 They come between Mauresmo and opponents
69 Necrophiliac’s bedsheets?
70 “She” to Cocteau
71 “Nuts!”


1 George once of San Francisco
2 They’re essential for breeders
3 Hodgepodge
4 Eat between meals
5 Like some pitched balls
6 Common lunch time
7 Subject of “Wigstock”
8 Online exaggeration?
9 Home on the range
10 Fruity drink
11 Squeak silencer
12 Broadband connection, briefly
13 “Thumbs up!”
21 “Let the Dead Bury the Dead” author Randall
22 “SNL”‘s Cheri
25 Warning from Toto
26 Id partner, to Frasier Crane
27 Stimpy’s boyfriend, perhaps
30 Wanting water
31 Shirt alligators
34 Sue Wicks’ game, in slang
36 Ready and willing partner
39 Risky fellatio partner?
40 European white wine
41 Straight to gay (abbr.)
42 The Crimson Tide’s st.
43 Was in bed with
46 Supermarket checkout item
47 John Henry Mackay’s pen name
48 Olympian who makes points by touching the body
50 Succeeds a la Log Cabin
52 Stick your nose where it doesn’t belong
55 Prevent, with “off”
57 Thou
59 Jump for Doug Mattis
60 “Chicago” producer Meron
61 Race unit
62 Suffix that changes Juan’s gender
63 Like Abner, before Viagra?

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