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Outcast Anthems

By |2012-12-06T09:00:00-05:00December 6th, 2012|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Loose woman, in the land of Joe Orton
5 Bit of Astroglide, e.g.
9 Rock group?
13 Tick off
14 Star quality
15 Wolfe of fiction
16 Swallow alternative
17 Russian river to the Caspian
18 Pull out your shooter
19 Outcast anthem of Kelly Clarkson
22 The lowdown
23 Face defacer
24 Outcast anthem of Katy Perry
29 Running game
32 Woman of La Mancha
33 Title for a brother
36 Home st. of Harper Lee
37 Male companion
38 Bagel topping
39 Came out slowly
41 Triangular treat
43 Prick
44 Little green edibles
48 Six feet under
49 With 56-Across, outcast anthem of Lady Gaga
52 Kind of will
55 Fruit jelly stuff
56 See 49-Across
59 Outcast anthem of P!nk
62 Lesbos, for one
63 Seaside bird
64 Position at sea
65 Where to catch a ferry underground
66 “Caught in the headlights” animal
67 Have the lead


1 AARP members
2 Painting Fra of Florence
3 One coming from Uranus, e.g.
4 Enjoy in a sexual way, with “on”
5 Conquest of Caesar’s
6 Try to seduce
7 By word of mouth
8 South Pacific island
9 Next to bat, to Billy Bean
10 “The L Word” episode, e.g.
11 Remove a slip?
12 Spill one’s seed
20 Ready for action
21 Solid gold measures
25 Lawyer’s thing
26 SASE, e.g.
27 Put the moves on
28 Bruin Bobby
29 Retreat for D.H. Lawrence
30 Loads
31 Strip in the Middle East
33 You might see a polar bear there
34 First name in gossip
35 Circumcised clumsily?
40 Flow out
42 Portfolio parts, briefly
44 Was a chicken hawk
45 “More! More!” on Broadway
46 Bring into accord
47 Journalist/writer William
50 Uncork, to Shakespeare
51 Having one sharp, to Bernstein
52 Bisexual writer Murdoch
53 Bringing up the rear
54 “Celluloid Closet” narrator Tomlin
56 Poet Whitman
57 Where to find Moby Dick
58 North Sea feeder
60 Sarah Jessica Parker’s “city” activity
61 Singer’s syllables

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