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Brazen Britches

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1 Barrie’s getting on in years
5 Cop’s target
9 Isn’t quite straight
14 Chinese dynasty
15 Jump for Doug Mattis
16 Bear
17 Hump on the beach
18 Rowlands of film
19 “The Lion King” protagonist
20 Character of 22-/48-Across
22 With 48-Across, “brazen britches,” or film comedy of 2012
23 Least of the litter
24 Halloween cry
26 Straddling
29 Stops to unzip and go
34 Pain in the neck
35 Get soft
36 Ron Howard role
37 Actor who plays 20-Across
40 Has debts
41 Ticks off
42 Pound poem part
43 Seamen running down the deck
45 Jude Law in “Sherlock Holmes”
46 “That’s ___ quit!”
47 Woody Guthrie’s son
48 See 22-Across
52 Writer/director of 22-/48-Across
57 Spacey’s “The ___ Suspects”
58 Trials and tribulations
59 Milk go-with
60 Free, in France
61 Very much
62 What Israelis may shoot off
63 Stays hard
64 “Over my dead body!” and such
65 Sweater?


1 Bi
2 “Not on a bet!”
3 Anderson of TV
4 Just treatment, to B.D. Wong on “SVU”
5 Socrates and Caesar
6 Bring to bear
7 Tear apart
8 Broadway souvenirs
9 Gay rodeo accessories
10 Film director Kazan
11 Cathedral of Hope collection
12 Important Brits
13 Go to and fro
21 Sled dog
25 Palindromic fellow
26 Sound of a sudden, involuntary discharge
27 Go on all fours
28 Het up
29 Practices voyeurism
30 Warhol subject
31 Responds like welcoming thighs
32 Bicolor mount
33 ___ Hall University
35 Michael C. Hall on “Six Feet Under”
38 Leave at the alter
39 Like snakeskin
44 Controversial paths for same-sex partners
45 Snatches
47 Pewter or brass
48 Word on a door
49 Bangkok continent
50 Worn-down pencils
51 Pastry with fruit, perhaps
53 Earthenware pot
54 Soup pasta
55 Name in a will
56 What Sam twitched on “Bewitched”

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