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Looking For Love (Or Whatever)? Here’s How To Stay Safe

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With love and lust in the air this Valentine’s Day, it’s important for readers to know how to stay safe when meeting people they don’t know from the internet. Equality Michigan offers the following tips for dating or meet ups:
– Tell someone where you are going and how long you will be gone.
– Think about an escape route in advance in case of danger.
– Look for well lit, open and secure areas in which to meet.
– If you get bad vibes, feel uneasy or get butterflies, your gut instinct is telling you something is wrong … don’t go with them!
– Never show that you feel intimidated, frightened or “out of control.”
– Never let the pick-up know you are alone. Let them think that you have a friend that knows where you are.
-Always carry a cell phone. This will allow you to call 911 at any time. If finances are tight, purchase a pre-paid cell phone.
– At any sign of trouble make as much noise as possible.
– If forced to fight, use whatever you can as a weapon – your stilettos, bag, sharp ring, belt buckle or anything that will inflict pain.
– Strike vulnerable areas of the body – eyes, throat, nose, fingers, balls, knee, feet – these hurt the most.
-Be cautious about revealing information that could identify you. For example, if you give someone your listed phone number, they can get your real name and street address.
-Know that, no matter what, violence is never your fault.
To learn more about how to protect yourself against violence, or to report a bias incident or hate crime, call the Department of Victim Services at Equality Michigan at 1-866-962-1147 or provide a narrative account of the situation at [email protected]

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