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Oh, that’s right, the Fools are back in Ann Arbor town, so get ready for a festive, Foolish, frolicking, fun time. WonderFool Productions will present the third ever FoolMoon on Friday, April 5, from dusk till midnight, on Washington and Ashley Streets in downtown Ann Arbor. Join the Fools starting at 6 p.m. in the Grizzly Peak-Blue Tractor-Jolly Pumpkin FoolBrew Tent. On Sunday, April 7 from 4-5 p.m. is the seventh ever FestiFools tricks time on Main Street, with a fresh Foolish crew of amazing puppets and entertainment.
“Foo(L)d” is the theme for the FoolMoon, a Luminary Spectacle of Light and Laughter performing right in front of Grizzly Peak on Washington Street. Think luminous orbs of fantastically oversized glowing “Foo(L)d” luminary sculptures dancing alongside lusciously large futuristic “Mouths” as they cavort between hundreds of glowing “MoonPops” of every size and color.
Luminary creators, with their families and friends, come together at one of three Constellation Stations (Kerrytown, Slauson Middle School, and in front of the U-M Museum of Art) at 8 p.m. to join one of three magical processionals. As dusk falls, the processionals step out and meander through town arriving downtown (in front of Grizzly Peak) to cheering crowds of fellow Fools.
But wait, there’s more! Innovative community groups and area artists spent their long winter hibernations concocting luminous, never-before-imagined wondrous entertainments and activities simply to amaze and delight FoolMooners. Theo Katzman (former My Dear Disco frontman) will perform live (no lip-synching) from the Fool’s Main Stage right after Dan Henig kicks this year’s deLightFool FoolMoon show into gear. Treetownsound’s DJ Matt Altruda will then kick it into high gear so you can be a dancin’ prancin’ Fool all night long.
Make sure to get a good night’s sleep on Saturday, because Sunday, the seventh ever FestiFools brings a brand-new legion of gigantic papier-mache puppets to life once again! University of Michigan students and community volunteers have been working feverishly, crafting huge-mongeous papier-mache puppets to bring to life the one-hour spectacle known as FestiFools. This celebration takes place in downtown Ann Arbor on Main Street between Williams and Washington at 4 p.m. and only lasts until 5 p.m.
This year’s theme is Time Foolery, so get your imagination in gear and create your own tick-tock headdress and timelessly Foolish outfit, or just sign up to volunteer and come have the time of your life helping to animate the big puppets at FestiFools.
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