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Rick Santorum To Speak At Grosse Pointe South HS

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There are hundreds of entries on BTL’s website, quoting former Pennsylvania Senator and 2012 Republican Presidential contender Rick Santorum making anti-gay remarks. He has made the Creep of the Week column numerous times (perhaps a record number) over the years, all of them for virulently homophobic remarks (not to mention offensive remarks regarding race and Islam.)

When Grosse Pointe School administrators moved to cancel a scheduled appearance by Santorum on April 24, stating his views were extreme, he took to Fox News.
“It’s a sad day when liberal educators are allowed to influence young minds – extending free speech rights only to those who share their liberal views. I support traditional marriage; I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. I’m not sure what the administrators in the Grosse Pointe Public School System are afraid of, but these students deserve the respect to form their own opinion on this important issue, ” Santorum said.
His host, Young Americans for Freedom, raised the $18,000 to bring him to the High School.
At press time the event is scheduled to take place April 24 (though Santorum was in the hospital over last weekend and cancelled an appearance at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Dinner April 15.)
Students will now need a permission slip from parents to hear Santorum, who when pressed on the content of his speech, refused to give a copy to Grosse Pointe school administrators.
You can find a list of the more salient quotes Santorum has uttered through the years on our website at

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Susan Horowitz is editor and publisher of Between The Lines/Pridesource.
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