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Boy Scout Quotes

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“Today’s decision by the Boy Scouts of America was not a partial or incremental win for LGBT scouts; it was a disappointing failure by BSA to demonstrate the very leadership they should be fostering in kids.”
Gay Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns

“The general feeling is that this is a bad move.This is about a concerted effort to bring down a cultural icon. We must brace ourselves for the long haul on this one.”
A.J. Smith, president of the Association of Baptists for Scouting

“Until every parent and young person have the same opportunity to serve, the Boy Scouts will continue to see a decline in both membership and donations.”
Rich Ferraro, spokesman for the gay-rights watchdog group GLAAD.

“Absolutely – because it is 2013”
Billionaire Bill Gates in response to a question whether the Boy Scouts should lift the gay ban, ABC News interview Mar. 14

“The Boy Scouts are once again forcing me to look my children in the eyes and tell them that our family isn’t good enough.”
Jennifer Tyrrell, an Ohio mother who was ousted as her 7-year-old son’s Cub Scout den leader because she is gay.

“Today, this is about the kids, and we are glad that the Boy Scouts of America is taking this historic step forward.”
Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, a 21-year-old activist raised by lesbian mothers in Iowa

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