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6 Trendy Wedding Ideas for a Unique Celebration

By |2019-10-09T18:04:02-04:00October 9th, 2019|Guides, Marriage, Wedding|

Whether one has just proposed marriage or accepted a proposal, planning for a wedding ceremony can be just as exciting. But between choosing a wedding venue, picking an outfit and arranging for a cake the process of preparing for the big day can become an overwhelming one. That’s why, for this year’s wedding issue, BTL has compiled a list of six creative 2019 wedding trends to make planning for that special day a little easier.

1.) Bold Color Palettes
Blush and bashful might have once been the colors of choice, but in 2019 couples are ditching pastels: bold and moody is in. According to color combinations like emerald green and blue; cranberry and sage green; and squid ink and midnight blue are the way to go. Fans of metallics can also celebrate, as shiny elements are making their way into everything from wedding cake accents to china and invitations.

2.) Statement Wedding Cake
Couples getting hitched in 2018 favored an assortment of desserts but 2019 has brought the focus back on the wedding cake as a centerpiece. In fact, Martha Stewart Weddings says that this year statement tiers are the way to make a wedding day highlight pop even more.
“There’s something so iconic about a wedding cake, so why not go big and bold?” said Amber Karson of Karson Butler Events.
Many couples are now opting to create full-color confections that align with the wedding’s color palette or theme.

3.) Build-Your-Own Welcome Bag
Thanking and greeting each individual wedding guest is often a couple’s goal, but it can be difficult to do under a tight schedule, especially if the wedding party numbers in the hundreds. Thankfully, a build-your-own welcome bag station at the reception can be a great way to ensure each guest gets a thank-you they’ll love from the couple on their special day. And pairing that gift with a personalized note to each guest and the package is a sure way to please.

4.) Bringing Inside Out
As ever, outdoor weddings and receptions can be a popular option for couples who want more versatility and space than a traditional venue might allow. However, just because a wedding is held outside is no reason that it can’t feel just as cozy and homey as the most intimate venue. Lauren Fremont of Loli Events said that “bringing the inside out” has been a immensely popular 2019 trend.
“Couples love outdoor weddings, but to make them feel more like a fabulous dining or living room, we are bringing typical indoor pieces to the outdoors,” she said. That can involve everything from coffee tables to cozy recliners.

5.) Smoke Bomb Exits
At any wedding all eyes are on the couple as soon as they make their entrance, but what about their exit? Couples getting married in 2019 are opting for smoke bombs. According to “these fun props leave a cloud of dreamy pigment in their wake, which makes for otherworldly photos (and very impressed guests).”
Matching the color of the smoke to the chosen wedding colors is another way to end the night or simply make the hop from ceremony to reception an exciting one.

6.) Lighting
At a wedding ambience is everything, and what better way to brighten up a venue — or tone it down — than to control the lights? Rental lights can serve to upgrade a venue’s existing light fixtures or to relay a custom message to guests.

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