Source: Former Michigan Congressman Mark Schauer Will Run For Governor

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Mark Schauer during a 2010 press conference regarding the Enbridge oil spill in Marshall, Mich. File Photo: Todd A. Heywood.

LANSING — Former U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer of Michigan will seek the Democratic nomination for governor, a source close to him confirmed Tuesday. The source spoke on background but is part of SchauerÕs decision-making circle and is currently acting in an informal advisory position as the former lawmaker prepares for a run.
Schauer did not return calls seeking comment for this story. However, an elected official from Ingham County confirmed that Schauer had personally told him that he would seek the nomination.
The one-term congressman from Battle Creek has been mentioned as a possible candidate for months, with a growing chorus singing his praises and two recent polls showing he could likely oust Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in November 2014.
On Tuesday, Politico on a polling memo strategically leaked by the Democratic Governors Association, which shows Snyder losing to Schauer.
ÒThe bad news for Snyder is that undecided voters are much more likely to split for the Democratic candidate: they voted for Obama over Romney by 24 points and they are 18 points more likely to identify with the Democratic Party than with the Republican Party,Ó [Democratic pollster Geoff] Garin wrote [in the leaked memo]. ÒAfter hearing a brief positive description of Mark SchauerÕs background, voters prefer Schauer over Rick Snyder by 54 percent to 38 percent. When given this alternative to the incumbent, independent voters favor Schauer by 16 points.Ó
A similar by Lansing-based EPIC MRA in April had similar findings, reported
Snyder, a first-time governor and political neophyte, took a serious bruising in December, when he helped the Republican-controlled legislature pass a controversial Òright to workÓ initiative without public hearings or much public discussion. He has also signed into law a massive tax cut, which shifted the burden of taxes from businesses to citizens by taxing senior pensions and eliminating the earned-income tax credit for lower income Michiganders.
Schauer served in Congress for one term, riding into office on the Obama sweep of 2008. He served MichiganÕs conservative 7th congressional district, which includes Calhoun and Jackson counties. He was ousted from that seat in the Tea Party sweep of 2010 by Tim Walberg.
Since leaving office, Schauer has been running the BlueGreen Alliance, a green-energy job consortium. He also worked closely with organized labor. In fact, during Òright to workÓ protests in December, Schauer was pepper-sprayed by Michigan state troopers while attempting to move protesters away from the base of the state capitol.
SnyderÕs office was not immediately available for comment.

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