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“The BSA now will have to look gay teens in the eye, boys who’ve been involved in Scouting for years, and tell them they’re not going to be able to grow into adult leaders. Those conversations will be difficult and shouldn’t be had.”
Rich Ferraro of GLAAD

“I think that the committee made the choice to do something brave and I think it shows a positive step in the right direction.”
Chance Kawar, an Eagle Scout and high school senior. Because Chance is over 18 and legally an adult, the new rule does not apply to him and he can no longer participate in scouting.

“You’re ok, gays. Just don’t grow up.”
Joshua Malina, actor on The West Wing and Scandal

“As a former Boy Scout, I know personally the amazing benefits youth-serving organizations like the Boy Scouts of America offer young people, and I appreciate the organization’s latest attempt to live up to their own virtues by accepting gay scouts. However, as a gay man, I am distressed by the notion that once these young people turn 18, they are no longer welcome.”
Greg Varnum, Equality Michigan

“We are asking the Boy Scouts locally to add a system where gay boys will utilize a different shower, tent, and restroom than boys who are heterosexual. While we do not have co-ed showers for males and females, we are requesting that they devise a plan to separate the gay population out of our facilities.”
Tim Burley via Facebook

“It is obvious the Boy Scouts have already been taken over by homosexuals or they would not have made the decision to allow homosexuals when the Supreme Court had ruled they did not have to.”
Tom Ford via Facebook

“Frankly, I can’t imagine a Southern Baptist pastor who would continue to allow his church to sponsor a Boy Scout troop under these new rules.”
Richard Land, a senior Southern Baptist Conference official

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