Flaming Star In The Galaxy

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1 Memo start
5 Three-men-in-a-tub event
9 Sex toy for the butt
13 Prince’s purple precipitation
14 Kazan, whose desire was a streetcar
15 Glinda portrayer in “The Wiz”
16 Help with the heist
17 Trust, with “on”
18 Mournful cry
19 City of the team of 36-Across
22 Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
23 R.E.M. frontman Michael
24 Riddler of old
26 Fabric name ending
27 Wet hole
31 McDowall of “Planet of the Apes”
32 Wolfe or Woolf, e.g. (abbr.)
34 Fiddle around with it
36 The first active openly gay male athlete to compete in a U.S. professional team sport
40 Tea or glory hole cry?
41 Himalayan legend
43 Traps for suckers
46 Org. that has never been to Uranus
48 Seminary subject
49 Eton alum
51 Erected
53 Unmannerly man
54 Position of 36-Across
58 “Ta ta!”
60 Marsh material
61 Skirt for Nureyev’s partner
62 Woman’s name embraced by hermaphrodites?
63 “She” to Rimbaud
64 “Peanuts” oath
65 Silence for Bernstein
66 It may be grand, to Glenn Burke
67 Scores


1 Shrinking Asian body
2 One who may screw with your equipment
3 Connects with
4 Coming soon
5 It made people go down on the Titanic
6 On the calm side
7 Cash cache
8 Sean of “Will & Grace”
9 Try to seduce (with liquor, e.g.)
10 Soviet leader Brezhnev
11 Relax after a hard day
12 Team of 36-Across
20 Just out
21 Shoot off a larger branch
25 Hive product
28 Like some twins
29 Rest atop
30 Doone of fiction
33 Mushroom source?
35 Woody pile
37 It’s a bust
38 Lingering
39 Drag queen’s high heel, perhaps
42 Under guardianship
43 Sport of 36-Across
44 Trisha Todd’s ” ___ of the Moon”
45 Role played by a man named Julia
47 Follower of Jim Buchanan
50 “Blow me down!”
52 Part of UHF
55 Woody valley
56 Eleanor’s pooch
57 Bit from Michael Musto
59 Granola lesbian’s bit

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