Mad Persons

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1 Poppycock
5 Pinball wizard foul
9 Old infantry spears
14 Stud fee?
15 “Nurse Jackie” star Falco
16 Shake in bed?
17 Biweekly tide
18 Bottom priority of a top
19 Type of sex you have on the phone
20 Gay “Mad Men” character who said “(Your boyfriend) doesn’t own your vagina”
23 Up to, for short
24 Enticing words at Barney’s
25 Utopia and Shangri-la
27 Adds color
30 Works of Tennessee Williams
33 They prosecute perps
36 Needed some BenGay
38 Enliven, with “up”
39 Writer Dinesen
41 Current coins of Amsterdam
43 Gillette brand
44 “Terminal Bar” playwright Paul
46 Sometime poisonous plant
48 Line of dresses
49 Lambda Literary Award winner Greene
51 “Let’s make it a threesome!”
53 Way to serve your meat
55 Committed to penetration?
59 Scenery chewer
61 Closeted bisexual “Mad Men” character
64 He recently praised the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage
66 Taylor or Boulanger
67 Popeye’s ___’pea
68 Like a rambling sentence
69 Anticipatory nights
70 Puts on the dog?
71 Brought up the rear?
72 Silence for Copland
73 You don’t want them in your pants


1 Instrument strummed in “Mame”
2 “There’s a single runner” to Billy Bean
3 Has more than a one-night stand
4 Swinger of old
5 Playwright McNally
6 It comes out of your head
7 Neeson of “Kinsey”
8 Closemouthed
9 Petitions of Jane Spahr
10 Debtor’s letters
11 Gay _Mad Men_ character from Germany
12 Morales of “Resurrection Blvd.”
13 Bear market order
21 “East of Eden” director Kazan
22 Teaching deg.
26 Wine region south of the Russian River
28 Like so
29 Vital fluid
31 A lot, maybe
32 Fashion line?
33 Star Canyon serving
34 On “The Love Boat,” perhaps
35 Gay “Mad Men” character caught sleeping with a bellboy
37 Rounded top
40 Brick oven
42 Wilde, for example
45 “Me and My Shadows” subject Judy
47 Neighbor of Mass.
50 “Science Guy” of PBS
52 Black Sea port
54 Lurer of phallic fish
56 Field Marshal Rommel
57 Force out
58 Use a steam iron
59 ___ d’oeuvres
60 Lie alongside
62 “Hand it over!”
63 Britten’s pub potables
65 Utterance at a gay rodeo

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