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By Crystal Proxmire

1. How did you get involved with KICK and how has it been beneficial to you?
I became involved with KICK when I went through the LEAD program in the spring of 2012, then I accepted a position on the Young Adult Board of Advisors (YABA). Because of KICK my leadership skills have grown and I am becoming a leader in the LGBT movement.

2. What are some of the things the Youth Council has accomplished?
YABA has accomplished numerous things! We are an awesome group of leaders. Recently we have been working on the newest addition to Hotter Than July’s Annual Gathering which is the Youth and Young Adult Summit. The summit will include a number of workshops that will focus on issues important to the Youth in our community. All of the workshops have been put together by YABA board members.

3. Why should other young people get involved with youth council?
Young people should get involved with any part of KICK because there is so much work to be done. We have so many issues facing our community and it is important for every one of us to do something. We can not depend on our elders to continue the movement, now is our time to step up.

4. Have you been involved in planning the Youth Prom in the past, or have you attended?
Hotter Than July Prom is a new event this year! Since this year we are celebrating 18 years of Detroit’s Black Pride the theme is Graduation, we had to include Prom. This is also my first year on the Hotter Than July planning committee so stepping up to committee chair was a huge step into leadership for me.

5. What is the prom like? If someone has never gone before, how would you describe it to them?
People in the LGBT community often times never experience Prom, or are forced outside of their comfort zone when they do attend. Hotter Than July’s Prom will offer an opportunity to create or recreate those memories. Prom is a formal event with a mature vibe. There is going to be dancing, entertainment, refreshments and of course the crowing of Royal Court, our version of Prom King and Queen.

6. How old are you?
I’m 26.

7. Are you working right now, and if so what are you doing?
I am a caregiver for the people with disabilities who are deaf. I was just promoted so soon I’ll be an assistant manager.

8. What are your goals over the next few years, with activism, with work and your life?
I’m currently working on applying to Seminary for my Masters Degree. I want to continue my activist work and of course my growth as a leader. One day I’d like to hold a seat as a political leader. Really my main goal in life is to one day be an awesome mom. Hopefully my girlfriend reads this “hint hint”.

9. Anything else BTL readers should know about you?
Come to Prom! It’s going to be a really great night.

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