Detroit Artist Records Anthem For Marriage Equality

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Logan Mario performs at the Hotter Than July youth prom earlier this summer. BTL photo: Jason A. Michael

Remember this name: Logan Mario.
A hometown superstar in the making, this 25-year-old Detroit native is a gifted singer/songwriter with a lot to offer. He has a new single, “Love Is Love,” available now on iTunes, and an album in the works.
“Music has kind of been a long time coming for me,” Mario says. “I grew up in the church, and every Sunday I would see my mom singing with the choir and leading praise and worship. I would just sort of look to her with a sense of pride. Her singing kind of taught me the dos and don’ts of music.”
Mario joined the choir himself when he was 12.
“I did that for a few years, and then I started to develop my own taste in music, not necessarily what my parents were listening to,” he says. “Then when I was 16, I wrote this song called ‘Something Else.’ It was about high school love, puppy love if you will, and I’ve been writing ever since.”
An ’80s baby, Mario cites a couple of ’90s divas as his greatest musical inspirations.
“A lasting influence on me is actually the late Aaliyah,” says Mario. “Her effortless artistry speaks to me to this day. Vocally, I would have to say Brandy. Brandy is the vocal Bible to me. Some new ones are Frank Ocean and Miguel. Then there are some classics, too, like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.”
Mario released his first single last fall, called “Love Or War.” He followed it up a few months later with “Human.” Both of these can be found on his bandcamp website, which is
But now, Mario has released his first single on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Rhapsody. It’s called “Love Is Love.”
“I actually wrote ‘Love Is Love’ in about 20 minutes,” Mario says. “I had this track for about a month and I had been sort of letting it marinate. Then one day I was ready to write to it and I played it and it kind of spilled out of me.”
The song is a powerful affirmation of marriage equality and universal love.
“I had been around a lot of people who were against gay marriage,” he explains. “They were really vocal about it and I sort of internalized those feelings. Then when I played this track they really came out. I believe that whatever love someone builds for themselves, whether it be homosexual or heterosexual, should be respected and I believe that we should all have rights when it comes to marriage. So I do support marriage equality. That’s sort of the theme of ‘Love Is Love.’
“Whatever your love is, it deserves the same rights as any other love out there.”
Having written and released what amounts to an anthem, Mario is now focusing on his music full time.
“I was working for AT&T but I was having a hard time finding myself in what I was doing,” he says. “It just got to the point where it was interfering with my art – and the sacrifice I was making was too great. As of right now, I’m a full-time independent musician.”
Up next for Mario is a full album.
“The album will be coming next year, but before it comes out I’m actually going to release sort of a free play,” he says. “It will actually be about the length of a full album but it will be for free. That’s to get my name out there and build a fan base. Then I’m actually working on a music video for ‘Love Is Love,’ and I’m working on a couple of showcases so people can get a feel for me live. So those are some of the things that I’m working on.”

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