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Fab Five Motto

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1 Skeptical ejaculation
4 Like a sick mind
11 “Culture vulture” Rodriguez
14 Its head may be enjoyed orally
15 How a metrosexual dresses
16 Lacto-___ vegetarian
17 Title for Oedipus
18 Start of two mottos
20 With 18-Across, motto about working together
22 “___ my wit’s end!”
23 Network of _Wedding Wars_
24 Disneyland street
26 Gets frothy at the mouth
28 With 18-Across, motto about why the Fab Five works together so well?
31 Some Nathan Lane movie roles
35 Above and beyond
36 Arthur of the AIDS Quilt
38 Highsmith’s “The Price of ___ ”
39 The loneliest number
40 Went out with
42 Poet’s before
44 Alternate sp.
45 Canvas covering
47 George Frenn, in many a still photo
49 Gay rodeo accessory
51 Quell the concerns of
53 Fashion savant Carson
55 “M*A*S*H” company clerk
57 “Maude” producer
58 Negligee material
61 “Trick” director Jim
63 Grooming guru Douglas
66 Design doctor of the Fab Five
69 Woody’s ex
70 Doc’s grp.
71 Ad infinitum
72 TV spots
73 Food and wine connoisseur Allen
74 Checks to make sure
75 King’s court divider


1 “The Bridge” poet Crane
2 Protected, to seamen
3 There a foot longer than Shakespeare’s
4 Explosive stick
5 Polynesian woman
6 Tabloid tidbit
7 Rakes from the air
8 Connect with
9 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
10 Live wire
11 Come together
12 Regressive diva?
13 Actress Skye
19 Wet spot on a blanket of sand
21 Editor Roshan
25 Personal pension funds
27 State emphatically
28 Target amount
29 Arm bones
30 Boat for Gomer?
32 He has a stallion between his legs
33 Make heady
34 Be unfaithful to your lover
37 “Cabaret” mister
41 In the sack
43 Irish language
46 Jewish festival
48 Kiev’s country
50 Writer Dinesen
52 Sought the office of
54 Director Stephen
56 Black key for Elton John
58 RBI, to Glenn Burke
59 Words of woe, to the Bard
60 One that attacks a fly
62 Some watch faces
64 Gal Friday, e.g.
65 One of the Tweed drawers
67 Feminizing suffix
68 Part of Q and A (abbr.)

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