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Mayor Ellison Letter Supports Voting FOR Proposal A

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From Press Release

ROYAL – After hearing many concerns about misinformation regarding Proposal A, Mayor Jim Ellison worked with One Royal Oak to produce a letter informing voters of the facts about the ordinance.
“As people learn more about the ordinance, they understand why we were overwhelmingly in favor of it,” said Mayor Ellison.
On March 4 the Royal Oak City Commission voted 6-1 to adopt a Human Rights Ordinance that would ban discriminatory practices in employment, housing, and public accommodation on the basis of actual or perceived race, national origin, religion, color, sex, age, height, weight, pregnancy condition, marital status, physical and mental limitations, source of income, family responsibilities, educational association, sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV status.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the voters of Royal Oak will decide whether to uphold the ordinance and ensure all people are treated fairly and equally in Royal Oak.
In the letter, Mayor Ellison states, “No one should be fired from their job or kicked out of their home just because of who they are or who they love. Proposal A puts this common sense idea into the laws of our city.”
Since the City Commission passed the Human Rights Ordinance in March, seven other municipalities in Michigan have adopted local nondiscrimination ordinances including Battle Creek, Kalamazoo Township, and Pleasant Ridge.
“We have an important choice to make November 5. I hope you will join me in voting FOR the Ordinance – vote FOR Proposal A,” said Ellison.

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