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Getting Excited Again About Grace’s Friend

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1 Alec of “Desperate Housewives”
5 Some Barneys locations
10 Dog-eared
14 Plunk down
15 “Dirty Dancing” director Ardolino
16 Bulb lighter
17 Head light?
18 A queen, for example
19 “___! Went the Strings of My Heart”
20 Start of a quip by Grace about her friend
23 Lover who’s slow to finish in bed?
24 Prying person
27 Make one’s own
31 Berliner’s article
32 A kid may have a couple of gay ones
38 Sarcastically humorous
39 Business boss
41 George of “The Gay Sisters”
42 Big failure
43 More of the quip
46 Prettify
47 Co. for surfers
48 Stud fees?
49 Aerosmith’s “Love ___ Elevator”
51 Frat party robe
53 Exhausts
56 Tropical fruits
60 End of the quip
64 Load of money
65 Tether
66 “She” to Baudelaire
67 Ollie’s sidekick
68 Word on some condom wrappers
69 Gin flavor


1 Dashboard inits.
2 “There oughta be ___”
3 Type of sci, in college
4 Handsome Greek god
5 Type of badge for the morally straight
6 Tickle a funny bone
7 It’s found among Whitman’s bloomers
8 Hispanic family org.
9 Hospital fluid
10 Oz man
11 Ruler of Valhalla
12 Split
13 Albert to Armand, in “The Birdcage”
21 “Dragnet” org.
22 Simpatico sounds
24 “So long!”
25 Said no to
26 “You’re ___ talk”
28 One of the little hooters
29 Show to be true
30 Uses the keyboard
33 “Modern Family” network
34 Sink hole
35 Lairs of bears
36 Not appropriate
37 And that’s not all
40 Do a rite of initiation without cutting
42 Raises the dough
44 Cause of “bed death”
45 Helmeted cartoon character
50 Big fruit of New York?
52 Montgomery Clift’s hometown
53 Dave Pallone and others
54 Diamonds, e.g.
55 Scatter Fitzgerald
57 Balls
58 Northern capital
59 Nemesis of Tinkerbell
61 Gay porn star Baldwin
62 Enjoy Stephen Pyles
63 Abbr. of old in Tatu’s land

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