The Truth About Pink’s Tour: It’s Amazing

Chris Azzopardi
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All you pop stars out there, go home. You’ve been served by Pink, who raised the bar for arena spectacles during her second show this year at the Palace of Auburn Hills, where, back in March, Detroit fans first experienced the awesomeness of “The Truth About Love” tour – a show like no other.
Launching with an exhilarating zing of awe, Pink shot up and out of the stage for “Raise Your Glass,” twirling up toward the ceiling in the arms of her male aerialists like some kind of Cirque du Soleil spectacle.
It wasn’t the only high.
“Sober” was performed in a revolving globe, with Pink and her dancers – some of the best I’ve seen, by the way – whirling in opposite directions around each other. And dangling from the rafters again, she did “Try,” a pinnacle of jaw-dropping dexterity – when she landed on stage, she and Colt Prattes performed their choreography from the music video – and also of Pink’s ability to push your emotional buttons. It was probably the best vocal of the night – and not best lip-synced vocal; Pink sings live (again, pop stars, go home) – though she constantly impressed as the night went on: “Who Knew,” with just a guitarist, got acoustic-ized; her take on Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games” made you wish for a Pink covers’ album; and she didn’t just nail every note of the powerful anti-suicide song “The Great Escape,” a new addition (this replaced the first stop’s “Family Portrait”) – she played piano.
And the “So What” encore where she zipped from one end of the Palace to the next? Try topping that, Katy Perry.

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