Ferndale Pride Changes Leadership: Covey Steps Down and Music Steps In

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Craig Covey and Julia Music. File photo Crystal Proxmire

Ferndale Pride is now under new leadership. Craig Covey has stepped down as Chairperson of the event, and Julia Music has taken over the role.
Music is a 35 year-old community activist who helped create Ferndale Pride in 2011 after Motor City Pride moved from Ferndale to Hart Plaza in Detroit. She’s served as the entertainment Chair of Ferndale Pride, put together conferences for Youth to Youth, run the silent auction for Taste of Ferndale, and was one of the founders of Ferndale Adoption Network.
“I first met Craig when I was 16 years-old when we were both working in the HIV education field. We became friends a few years later and instantly began volunteering for each other’s events,” Music said about her longtime mentor. “Because I was interested in organizing events, Craig made sure I was involved with negotiations with sponsors from the beginning. He taught me that we can take these street fairs that have fun for the community and support businesses, and also make it so they give back to their nonprofits with the proceeds.”
Covey has a long history of politics and activism in the LGBT community and other progressive causes. He recently ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Ferndale, a position he held previously, against incumbent Mayor Dave Coulter.
“I have been organizing Gay pride events every year since 1982, including parades in Ohio and Detroit, pride banquets, and Ferndale Pride, but after 32 years, it is time to pass the torch. I plan to continue my efforts putting on the annual Blues & Music Festival in Ferndale, chairing Ferndale Youth Assistance, and doing environmental programs with my position with Oakland County Water Resources Commission. And I will always support LGBT pride programming wherever I am,” Covey said.
Ferndale Pride is “Gay in May” next year, with the event being held May 31, 2014. “We are hoping to expand the event while keeping the small town feeling. We are looking to add some new entertainment surprises as well,” Music said. Ferndale Pride was started in 2011 by Craig Covey, Monica Mills, Greg Pawlica and Julia Music and the event benefits various organizations including Michigan AIDS Coalition, Ferndale Community Foundation and Affirmations. Learn more at http://www.ferndalepride.org.

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