Mother Ruth

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1 Start of one description of Mother Ruth’s father
6 Longtime oldest out lesbian “Mother Ruth”
11 They may zip out
14 Notarize
16 Head problem
17 “Northern Exposure” extra
18 Legislators in O. Wilde’s land
19 Take a whack at
20 Dorm VIPs
21 Yadda-yadda-yadda …
22 End of one description
25 George of “It’s My Party”
28 Bellows on the set
29 Puts on a happy face
33 As a whole
34 Bard of boxing
35 Show that aired TV’s first lesbian kiss
36 Aspen’s hrs.
37 Kind of fiction
40 “Much ___ About Nothing”
41 Crude dude
43 Tatum of “The Bad News Bears”
44 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” guy
45 Start of another description of him
47 More of another description
49 Tabloid tidbit
51 Nemesis of Tinkerbell
52 End of another description
57 Con man’s mark
58 “___ at time!” (No threesomes!)
59 What Sam twitched on “Bewitched”
61 “The Good Earth” heroine
62 Christopher of “Superman”
63 Frasier’s response to a client
64 It’ll spice up your meat
65 Tops of arenas
66 A lot, maybe


1 David Bowie genre
2 Like a stereotypical wrist
3 Bannon and others
4 Cube with pips
5 Loads, as software
6 Like pencil marks
7 OCS grads
8 Have a thing for
9 “___ first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seed”
10 Together, after “in”
12 What one does to one’s loins
13 “What?”
14 With “North,” Maupin’s birth state
15 Cowboy actor Jack
22 Shakespearean prince
23 ___ Coyote (one who wants to eat the Road Runner)
24 Three R’s org.
25 “The Lion King” protagonist
26 R.E.M.’s “It’s the ____ the World as We Know It”
27 Swamp critter
30 You must remember this
31 Woman who goes both ways?
32 Uttered obscenities
38 It may not mean what you think
39 Sets of environmental conditions
42 Clothing
44 Where to find a Pacific Rim job
46 Sodom suffix
48 Young lady coming out
50 Sal of “Exodus”
51 Close one, for a drag queen
52 Type of skirt worn by a Hawaiian man
53 Lesbian character in “She’s Gotta Have It”
54 Swarm
55 Fruit of Peter Pears?
56 River in NW Belgium
57 Buns and shags
60 Shrek’s shoe size, perhaps

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