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Sound the alarm! Radical homosexuals are coming for your God-given rights! And they probably are armed with pie tins full of whipped cream and/or glitter.
If you don’t want to take my word for it, then surely the words Gina Miller wrote for a Feb. 3 Renew America column will suffice: “the radical homosexual movement’s goal is nothing less than the obliteration of the rights of those who oppose it.”
Sounds scary. But what does it mean?
Well, for one thing it means that sometimes gays and their allies don’t play nice in the on the Internet.
“I can’t tell you how many countless times these people have screeched and wailed at me in comments sections of my columns that homosexual ‘rights’ will never affect Christians or any others who oppose them,” she writes. “This is a damnable lie.”
How dare “these people” sully the comments section, that oasis of reason for the polite and deferential?
And damnable, huh? Wow. That’s pretty serious. I always thought that God was in charge of the whole “to damn or not to damn” thing. Perhaps Miller is doing some damning freelancer work.
And no wonder she’s upset. She’s taken a position that is impossible to defend and doesn’t allow for any kind of nuance: “Homosexual ‘rights’ and the free exercise of religion cannot coexist,” she writes. “They are mutually exclusive, and one must give way to the other.”
If that’s the case then Miller’s team is in some serious trouble. Marriage equality has been on a tear across the nation and the expansion of rights to gay and lesbian couples doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.
In fact, the United States Attorney General Eric Holder just announced an expansion of rights for same-sex married couples at the federal level covering things like testifying against each other in court, bankruptcy filings, and police and firefighter spouses receiving death benefits.
This news is apparently too much for Miller to take.
On her Facebook page, Miller posted a Fox News article on Feb. 8 about the plan to treat married same-sex couples like, well, the legal spouses they are. Her comment: “This evil, purely EVIL, administration is working its hellish a** off to make sure that the United States becomes the Sodom and Gomorrah of the 21st Century. How much MORE will we NOT escape the Lord’s wrath?!”
One of her friends commented, “More like Sodomy & Gonorrhea” to which she responds, “Yeah, that’s a prolific byproduct.” Get it? Butt sex and disease. Because that’s all gay people are, isn’t it? And apparently Miller and her friends are in junior high (though they no doubt oppose junior high students ever learning anything factual about sex of any kind because God hates that almost as much as God hates fags).
“We must not underestimate the determination of these people to force their will on the United States,” Miller writes in her column. “Their serial lies claiming that their ‘rights’ (which are a fallacy, since they possess the same rights as other Americans) will not interfere with the rights of others could not be further from the truth.”
She is talking, of course, about the rights of others to discriminate against LGBT people. And she is apparently confused about what it means to have “the same rights as other Americans.” Because LGBT people simply don’t. The right to marry. The right to discrimination protection under the law. The right to jointly adopt children. These are but a small sampling of the inequalities that are a stark reality to the LGBT people facing them every day.
Then again, if all Miller sees LGBT people as is “Sodomy & Gonorrhea,” well, no wonder she’s so terrified that we’re taking over.

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