What To Do About Booze At Your Wedding?

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By Shelby Clark Petkus
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Did you and your partner spend over an hour deliberating over cake choices? Have you spent days on Etsy looking for the perfect veil?
If you’re unsure of how to approach the “bar” at your wedding, be it full of alcohol or lemonade, here are some ideas to help you with your wedding “writer’s block.”

Keep it Simple

Big liquor packages can cost big bucks. Work with your venue, or on your own, to feature one or two “signature” cocktails to save on money and supplies. Try picking you and your partner’s favorite drinks as the only alcohol: for example, feature Gin and Tonics or Rum and Cokes if you and your partner favor those drinks. Did your significant other propose over Mai Tais? Feature both the drink and the story as part of your reception!

Match your Color Scheme

Make your entire event a cohesive wonderland by keeping to the same colors you use throughout your wedding. Having a blue and gold wedding? Serve drinks with Curaco or sparkling wine. Are your attendants coming in different shades of purple? Use food coloring to brighten up a signature cocktail with a matching violet.

Stick to Beer and Wine

Many venues will offer cheaper alcohol packages by only serving beer and wine, even if it’s not always advertised. If you’re hosting the event yourself in a rented space, bulk bottles of wine, or individual bottles of wine, can be found cheaply at bulk stores and grocers. Working with individual liquor stores can also get you a discount on beer.

Look to Local Liquor

Interested in supporting a cause in addition to celebrating your LGBT nuptials? Buy local! While some venues won’t let you bring in outside alcohol, many will work with you to select certain choices. Some venues allow you to bring in your own alcohol as well! With any of these options, aim for Michigan craft beer or wine, both famous nationally and internationally. Many local spirits are award-winning as well, including Hard Luck Vodka out of Grosse Pointe Park, Valentine Distilling Co. of Ferndale or Ugly Dog out of Chelsea. Jolly Pumpkin (known for their beer) offers many different spirits, as well.

Party Sober

Opting to keep alcohol out of your wedding completely? Many go this route due to personal views, money, etc. Opt for unique “mocktails” or non-alcoholic beverages. Some ideas include serving limeade with tonic water, lemonade with sparkling water, and mimosas made of orange juice and sparkling grape juice.

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