Dallas Buyers Club Med

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1 Where boxers are visible
5 Prick
9 Regarding
13 Chocolate sandwich
14 Part used in forking around
15 Direction from Stephen Pyles
16 Last name in out talk-show hosts
18 Emulate Clay Aiken
19 Start of a “Dallas Buyers Club” med comment
21 Wilde country
24 “The Wizard of Oz” scorer Harold
25 Balls in battle
26 Whitman and Proust
28 Wolfson of Freedom to Marry
29 Bethlehem product
31 End of a “Dallas Buyers Club” med comment
36 Sentence subjects, often
37 Like Palm Springs’ climate
39 No one can collect it
43 One ruled by a dictator?
44 Freudian slip follower
45 Lickety-split
47 Character who made the comment
50 Disney sci-fi flick
51 Rita Mae Brown novel
55 Type of crime
56 A girl named Frank
57 Singer Anita
58 You might ride one in Aspen
59 Monster’s loch
60 Fairy godmother’s stick

1 Poet McKuen
2 It makes one hot
3 Master of photog.
4 Tries for a Hail Mary
5 Howard, who went drag for “Miss America”
6 Fagged out
7 From the top
8 Rupert Everett’s “The Next ___ Thing”
9 State with conviction
10 Sit on, in a way
11 Fire starter
12 Keyboardists finger them
17 Home st. of Maupin
20 Ethiopia’s Selassie
21 “___ Got You Under You Under My Skin”
22 Sitarist Shankar
23 Cowboy actor Jack
26 Get off the breast
27 Stonewall Jackson and others
29 Like an A-List gay
30 Oddly shaped testicle?
32 Bridge bid, briefly
33 Transfer of computer info
34 Unrefined metals
35 “Is so!” rebuttal
38 Initial sound, in “The Sound of Music”
39 Results of nongay sex
40 Lacking family values
41 Indicate
42 Occurred to (with “on”)
43 Where a cobbler puts the tongue
45 Jeremy of “Brideshead Revisited”
46 Schnozzolas
48 “The Good Earth” heroine
49 Ready to come out of the oven
52 Lupino of “Women’s Prison”
53 Boy played by Martin and Duncan
54 Rock guitarist Barrett

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