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Christian Name

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1 Provincetown mementos
5 Boxers are visible here
9 Place for hay
13 Some guys do it nocturnally
14 CUte d’___
15 Memo starter
16 “Tales of the City” character
17 Blast furnace fuel
18 Rip Torn’s voice role in “Hercules”
19 With 37-Across, Christian Campbell musical comedy
22 Mar. basketball tourney
23 “See ya”
24 Destination of the Bounty
26 Tarzan portrayer Ron
27 Stats from “A League of Their Own”
31 Harry Potter’s field
32 Bone to pick
33 Lucy’s gal pal
34 Small rum cake
37 See 19-Across
39 Verb of Verlaine
40 On the ball
42 Skirt, as an issue
44 “Iron Mike” of football
45 Broadway light
46 Granola lesbian’s bit
49 Official messenger
51 “The Family of Max Desir” author Robert
53 Latina writer Castillo
54 Campbell movie about a DC lobbyist
58 Birch of Indiana
60 End of Caesar’s boast
61 Series ender
62 One at a checkout
63 Ryan of porn
64 Ending for Copland
65 Dancer Shawn and others
66 Animal abodes
67 Three of Frida’s family

1 Part of the head
2 Lacking family values
3 Low A
4 Tennessee, but not Williams
5 Like many Mae West quotes
6 Shirt brand
7 Zap in the microwave
8 Alexander, with “the”
9 Nickname that Taylor disliked
10 Campbell movie of 2007
11 More gay?
12 Ball
20 Shoe holder
21 Title for Edna or Judi
25 Couldn’t stomach
28 Gas station abbr.
29 For the birds
30 Start something with Mauresmo
32 Hooded jacket
34 Compulsive masturbation, e.g.
35 Cause hostility in
36 With “The,” Campbell mystery movie of 2008
38 Gielgud’s john
41 It might go right to the bottom
43 The lowdown
46 One with a gifted tongue
47 Game room
48 Stein steady
50 Michelangelo masterpiece
52 Tape deck button
55 “West ___ Story”
56 Windows’ picture
57 Zips
59 ” ___ Pinafore”

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