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Gay Morning America

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1 “Otello” villain
5 Italian wine city
9 “Sound of Music” escape route
13 Sling mud at
14 In those days
15 Neeson of “Kinsey”
16 Etcher’s fluid
17 Vidal’s “Rocking the ___ ”
18 Peru native
19 Type of transplant received by Robin Roberts
22 Lang. of Hedwig
23 Rupert of _Stage Beauty_
24 Ready for action, for guys
26 Rock-bottom
27 Toward the side
29 _American Idol_ judge Paula
32 Open to the breeze
33 In 2012 Robin Roberts received this Womens Bastketball honor
36 TV listings
38 Place to become wife and wife
39 Canal concern?
41 Writer Saikaku
46 Water threesome
47 Janitor’s tool
49 Good da. in Lent
50 Partner of Robin Roberts
53 Sty cry
55 “___ Hai”
56 Use a beeper
57 From the top
58 Cathedral of Hope collection
59 Stats from “A League of Their Own”
60 Sitcom with a cross-dressing corporal
61 Bed support piece
62 Prepares Easter eggs

1 Novelist Miller
2 Room recess
3 20-shilling piece for Oscar Wilde
4 Info for waiters
5 Opportunity for Billy Bean
6 Martin of “Father of the Bride”
7 Shed item
8 Bernadette Peters’ ” ___ the Woods”
9 Will Smith title role
10 Drag queen’s intimate wear
11 Robin Roberts drove this for the 2010 Indianapolis 500
12 With style
20 It may be picked up in a bar
21 Freshly painted
25 Get juice from a fruit
27 Judy’s daughter Lorna
28 Italian sports car, briefly
30 Not so exciting
31 Distribute sparingly
33 Joan of Arc, and others
34 Second fruit eater
35 Plath poetry collection
36 Bubbles seen at the beach
37 Robin Roberts anchored a series of reports on this hurricane
40 R. E. Lee’s nation
42 In a mound
43 Queen bee’s locale
44 Some Jamaican music
45 James, who shot off in “Gunsmoke”
47 Aunt of Bart Simpson
48 Limp body part, allegedly
51 New corp. hires
52 Bouncer for Amelie Mauresmo
54 Meas. of electricity

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