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Robert R. Reilly

By | 2014-05-08T09:00:00-04:00 May 8th, 2014|Creep of the Week, Opinions|

When the author of the book “Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything” writes in his introduction, “It should be emphasized that this critique of the homosexual cause is not an attack upon homosexuals, nor is it generated by any animus against them,” we should take him at his word, right?
After all, homosexuals are so damn sensitive. So if Robert R. Reilly wants to make a buck arguing that homosexuals are perverted, immoral and ruining the world, who are we to judge if he assures us he’s not hating?
And when Reilly goes on right-wing radio to say that, hey, when it comes down to it, homos are worse than murderers, what can we do except open our hearts to his animus-free message?
Just kidding. Fuck this guy.
On May 1, Reilly said the following into a live microphone (meaning he did not mumble this shit in a fever dream): “After the person murders someone or looks at pornography, they come to see that what they did was actually wrong, they can’t excuse it and moral order is restored and they’re contrite for having done so.”
In other words, at least a murderer can look at a dead body and go, “Whoops. My bad.” How the person looking at porn fits in here isn’t clear, but it does show that being gay, looking at nudie pics and taking the life of another human being are all morally equivalent in Reilly’s version of reality. So, yeah, he should totally be taken seriously.
According to Reilly, in order to be gay and in order to accept that gay people are human beings, homos and homo allies have created and live in this kind of pro-homo Bizarro World.
“This is exactly the case with active homosexuals,” he says, “where they have to say that wrong is right and not only is it right but it’s normative, morally normative, so we need to teach it, we need to bless it in marriages, we need to ordain it in churches and we need to enforce it in our laws. And that is what is happening.”
Ah, yes. Because homosexuals are so, um, “active,” we’re seizing control of every last corner of civilization. Because we have all the power. Rarr!
Would it surprise you if I said Reilly seems pretty obsessed with the “S” word?
From his book’s introduction in what he calls a “Note on usage,” he writes, “In different legal and cultural settings, the word sodomy has included different things at different times. But, in every variation, it has always encompassed anal intercourse and is meant to here as well.”
Huh, you don’t say? So in his book when he writes “sodomy,” what he means is “anal sex.” He has at least five chapters in his book devoted to it: “Sodomy and Science,” “Sodomy and Education,” “Sodomy and the Boy Scouts,” “Sodomy and the Military” and “Sodomy and US Foreign Policy.” That’s a lot of anal.
In his May 1 radio interview he talked about butt sex, too. A lot.
“The sexual act in homosexuality in males is sodomy, and how could an unchaste act be a source of fidelity?” he asked. “That’s a contradiction in terms.”
Which is what leads him to his declaration about marriage equality: “It’s a fraud.”
Remember, this is coming from a guy who compares one man taking another man’s hand in marriage to one man taking another man’s life and sides with the murderer, all the while claiming the moral high ground. Seems legit.

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