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Feat Of Clay

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1 “Take it off!”
6 Lahr of “The Wizard of Oz”
10 Kid-lit elephant
15 ___ donna
16 Saudi or Iraqi
17 Speed skater Ohno
18 Glenn Close’s ” ___ Attraction”
19 Lorca’s “but”
20 Andrew ___ Webber
21 Competition in which Clay Aiken sang
24 Unconsciousness
26 Tickled pink
27 LeBlanc of “Friends”
30 Girl in a Beach Boys song
32 Chatter, in Brit slang
34 Cry in a stuffy room
35 Start of Clay’s comment on being in 21-Across
40 Rough stuff for miners
41 Shakespearean sonnets and such
43 What guns shoot off
44 “Return of the Jedi” creatures
46 Right in the head
47 Guy with a “third leg”
49 Stein fillers
50 More of the comment
53 Mission ending
54 Club for swingers
55 Hollow stone
58 Whale’s “The Man in the Iron ___ ”
62 Rev devices
66 End of the comment
69 Mel’s role with Jodie in _Maverick_
70 She sprang from the head of Zeus
71 Wilde country
72 Adam, created by a woman named George
73 It may vibrate when someone wants you to come
74 Fop prop
1 Lotion letters at South Beach
2 Sung syllable
3 “West Side Story” Oscar winner
4 Spencer Davis Group hit about Chaz?
5 Turn white
6 Spaghetti sauce ingredient
7 Lucci’s Kane in “All My Children”
8 Tried to tackle tight ends, e.g.
9 Butcher’s cut
10 Like Yul in “The King and I”
11 Grace under fire
12 Yalie’s cheer
13 Hayworth’s Khan
14 Fisherman’s tool
22 Get juice from a fruit
23 Pastoral poem
24 Casino dice game
25 Drew Carey, e.g.
28 Studs of note
29 Strand in a drag queen’s wig
31 Kit letters
33 Always, to Shakespeare
36 Uncommon, to Nero
37 Do a nocturnal activity
38 REM gear
39 Cloverleaf part
42 Plan to become wife and wife, e.g.
45 “Keep your pants on!”
47 Your, among Friends
48 Young lady coming out
51 Very, in Vichy
52 Cable syst.
55 Bee Gees family name
56 To be, in Toulon
57 Got a little behind
58 Not using the tongue
59 Queens tennis stadium
60 From A to B, to Debussy
61 Lucci in “All My Children”
63 “Pet” plant
64 One to blow on
65 Popeye’s ___’ Pea
67 A left or a right
68 Road topper

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