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Summer is officially here, which means that it’s time to slip into something a little lighter. So you can spend more time soakin’ up the sun instead of scouring the Internet, I’ve compiled this list of the latest and greatest swimwear styles from your favorite brands along with a few new ones that are making a splash. Dive in.

1. Starfish Hampton Swim Short

Just because you don’t have a compound on Long Island to call home doesn’t mean you can’t dress for the beach like the hoity-toity. The mid-length Starfish Hampton Swim Short from 2(X)IST features a sea-life-inspired print available in Sodalite Blue and Blue Aster, an adjustable drawstring waist, and multiple pockets to stash your sunny-day essentials. The No-Show Rise, which allows the waistband to sit two inches below hips, won’t hurt your cause either. $75;

2. Canggu Swim Pant

You’ll have all the boys saluting your shorts when you shimmy into the camouflage Canggu Swim Pant from ES Collection, based in Barcelona. European styling helps these military-grade trunks stand out while blending in, and the quick-drying fabric aims to keep you comfortable as you flit between sand and surf. At ease, soldier. $130;

3. A-Frame Speedster Swim Trunk

Who wears short shorts? If it’s you, Timoteo’s A-Frame Speedster Swim Trunks will likely pique your interest. More of a cross between briefs and a traditional trunk, this itty-bitty bathing suit covers the pre-requisites but little else. Probably not an ideal choice if you’re hung, but some people like to live on the edge. $48;

4. Start the Fire Classic Trunks

With a name like Start the Fire, you can almost guarantee a sizzlin’ day at the beach – notwithstanding the temperature. Made from C-Infinity, a color-intense chlorine-resistant polyester exclusive to Funky Trunks, this skin-tight swimmer features a pattern of nostalgic matchbooks collected from the bedside tables of motels back in the day. Here’s hoping you see as much action as they have. $64.95;

5. Addicted Square Short Swim Trunk

Get into a collegiate state of mind with the square swim trunks from Addicted, available in four color combinations, like juicy orange and royal blue. The short cut of these trunks will show off all that hard work you’ve put in at the gym, while the Ivy League-like styling – like a two-color contrasting waistband and the Addicted logo shield – sends a loud-and-clear message that school’s out for summer. $82;

6. New York Skyline Thong

You’ll need supersized confidence to show off your big apple in this revealing multicolor thong from Vuthy Sim that features scenes from the City That Never Sleeps – but, hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Plus, each pair promises to be slightly different because they’re made to order by hand. (Hopefully by buff little elves.) $36;

7. Key West Retro Lycra Swimmer

Printed swimwear is totally in this season, and nobody’s doing it better than Sauvage. Cover up your valuables with graphic prints plucked straight from Key West and South Beach on shorts that pop off your bod in bright, brilliant color. Made from supersoft European nylon Lycra and outfitted with a white mesh liner and drawstring, you’re bound to field compliments from a few sun-kissed admirers. $72;

8. Crush Trunk

You can’t go wrong with anything you buy from a company whose tag line is “Fun clothing that gets you laid,” but the Crush Trunk from Nasty Pig isn’t for everyone. Well, it is – but it shouldn’t be. These slightly shiny tone-on-tone embossed print trunks create a snakeskin effect that will only fly on dudes named Zeke or Hammer who blow into town on Harleys and who like to play daddy. Yes, they exist, and there’s no judgment here. $80;

9. Awning Stripe Rio Swim Brief

You don’t have to set up shop on Copacabana Beach to capture that loose Rio vibe. In fact, you can create your own quaint Brazilian paradise by the hotel pool with a freshly made caipirinha, a spritz of sunscreen and these South American-style swim briefs from 2(X)IST. Available in white and salsa red, they’re sure to spice things up. $55;

10. Reef Garden Boardshorts

Not every gay is into nut-hugging swimwear – and that’s OK. For those of us who like to leave a little more to the imagination, boardshorts are the way to go, and the Reef Garden style are as fashionable as they are functional. Made from recycled double shaka microfiber (high-five for eco-friendly!), these shorts offer a back welt pocket with zipper closure, seamless sides and UV protection. The cute octopi are just a bonus. $50;

BONUS FIND: You can’t hit the beach without a towel, and this summer you can make a statement with Vertty, a so-right-now brand that’s reinventing the beach towel concept. Available in nine super-fun, something-for-everyone colors, these oversized game changers feature a unique angled shape and – here’s the best part – a waterproof pocket so you never again have to worry about accidentally burying your keys in the sand. Show yourself off on Instagram when you get yours by tagging tryverrty. $89.90;

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