‘Fox & Friends’ Fails To Showcase American’s Horror At Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

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BTL Staff

A depiction of ISU’s new lavatory signage.

News of Illinois State University’s decision to designate gender-neutral bathrooms throughout its campus has left the cast of “Fox & Friends” dumbfounded.
The talk show’s host Steve Doocy hit the streets of New York City yesterday to find Fox viewers to confirm “Fox & Friends” belief that the university’s new lavatory signage is confusing and “makes no sense.” — the viewers didn’t agree.
Doocy presented pedestrians with the new sign and asked them what they thought the sign would mean, were they to see it on a door. A young boy responded, “maybe a family restroom,” while another woman said the sign meant a “restroom for both genders.”
None of the group appeared to agree with Doocy that the sign was confusing.
Doocy, perhaps hoping to lead the sample group, said as he presented the sign “Both genders – or transgender?
The next man in Doocy’s lineup responded with a smile, “that’s right.”

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