One Hell Of A Supporter!

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1 What a computer may spit out
5 Glory hole locale
10 Problem for one’s bitch
14 “Excuse me!”
15 Vietnam capital
16 Cruise obnoxiously
17 “Death in Venice” author Thomas
18 Hard woody nut
19 Role for Bela
20 Archbishop who said “I’d rather go to hell than worship a (39-Across)”
23 Inventor Otis
25 Opera tenor Caruso
28 Sparing the rod
30 Moorish palace
31 No longer jail bait
32 Heavenly body
34 You might pick one up in an alley
35 Thespians do it
36 B. D. Wong, for one
38 Month in Madrid
39 False deity of prejudiced people
44 Touchy
45 It goes on a queen’s head
48 Combined
52 Like some foreign movies
55 Word game involving a stick figure
57 Prejudice against LGBT people, per 20-Across
59 One that attacks the fly with a long tongue
60 In-your-face
61 Queer ice house?
62 Words with shame or boy
63 “Endymion” writer
64 Letter enc.

1 Beaver job
2 You might say it when you get it
3 Taking care of
4 Result of a lick on the head, perhaps
5 Medicine man
6 Folded fast food
7 At once, to Byron
8 Alfred Douglas’ title
9 Door frame part
10 Guy’s zip, when he gets caught in it?
11 John of “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”
12 Antidiscrimination letters
13 JFK posting
21 Author/illustrator Silverstein
22 Dad’s bros
23 Scat queen
24 Bloodsucker
26 Felt (for)
27 Crude material
29 Big Lovely band singer
30 Addis ___, Ethiopia
33 Historic Stonewall event
36 Lending letters
37 Fine point of writing
40 Moon of Uranus
41 Use a gifted tongue
42 Dirty Harry portrayer
43 Start of an Asian warrior title
45 For all, in music
46 ___ water (imperiled at the bathhouse?)
47 Fields of interest
49 Last letter for Socrates
50 Conquers, sexually
51 Provide
53 Creature in a “Star Wars” sequel
54 Presidential title role for Kevin Kline
55 “The Bridge” poet Crane
56 They’re performing, in “Fame”
58 “Once Upon a Mattress” legume

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