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Conservative commentator Tim Dunkin is raging mad that “sodomites” are allowed to adopt children, and he’s not going to take it any more!
In an Aug. 2 “think” piece on the Renew America website, Dunkin argues that the only reason homos want kids is to “recruit” them and make them “queer.”
For “proof” he supplies a Daily Mail story from a couple of years ago about a transgender child being raised by lesbian parents, because, duh, lesbians are obviously going to “force” their sons to become daughters. Then Dunkin mentions Jesus and the Bible, blah blah blah…
His main claim, however, is that same-sex couples raising children is flat out child abuse. Imagine a totally awful way for a child to die. Whatever sick scenario you came up with, Dunkin would likely say it’s still better than having gay parents.
“Let’s face it,” he writes, “handing children over to gays to be raised is as much abuse as is locking them in hot cars for hours on end. In fact, it’s even worse.”
Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever read about what happens to a child locked in a hot car. But it’s a really fucking horrible way to die. Dozens of kids in the U.S. die this way every year. Just a few days before this column was written, paramedics in New Jersey smashed the windows of a parked SUV to rescue a baby inside, except the baby was a doll. The vehicles’ owner vehicle wasn’t even mad! She was all, “Better safe than sorry,” because that’s how serious this is.
So how, exactly, is having two mommies or two daddies worse than being cooked to death in an SUV?
“[Y]ou can rescue a child from a car and make sure it never happens to him or her again,” writes Dunkin.
It is true that you can rescue a child from a hot car, though I’m not quite sure what Dunkin means when he says you can then prevent such a thing from happening again for all eternity. How? What is the secret? The kids dying in locked cars deserve to know!
Alas, Dunkin doesn’t have the answer, and he’s less interested in saving kids and more interested in punishing same-sex parents.
“If the stories I’ve seen and read about the way many kids are ‘raised’ by gay ‘parents’ are any indication, a child caught up in this is in for a long, miserable, hellish ride,” he writes.
As he only cited one story, I don’t know what others he’s heard. But I’m sure they’re totally representative, balanced, and accurate. Because his is clearly a very thoughtful and well-reasoned opinion.
“If, as a society, we claim to truly be against the abuse and harm of our children, then we have a moral responsibility to keep them out of the hands of gay couples, whether ‘married’ or not,” he continues.
It seems pretty clear that he is advocating removing kids from the homes of same-sex parents, which shows he doesn’t really care about these kids, but he really does hate their parents. Because if you really want to hurt a kid, a damn good way is to take them away from their parents, especially if the only way you’re taking them away is because you don’t like who their parents are. There’s ample evidence same-sex couples can be wonderful parents. And their kids love them. Doesn’t that matter?
Dunkin can call us “perverts” all he wants, but I’ve got to wonder: when will he start thinking of the children?

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