Russia Forced To Allow Same-Sex Wedding

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RUSSIA – Alina Davis, 23, and Allison Brooks, 19, were both donning wedding dresses when they walked into the Moscow registry office asking for a marriage license.

Davis describes herself as androgyne, not fitting into one gender identity and says she feels more comfortable as a woman and remains strongly attracted to women. However, her Russian credentials still list her as being male.

The Russian staff was outraged that the two women walked into the registry both wearing dresses. On her VK (Russia’s version of Facebook) Davis says that the clerk that worked with them called the pair “shame of the family” and said they needed medical treatment.

“I was afraid my pussycat would beat the fuck out of her,” Davis said.

But the clerks had no choice but to issue a marriage license due to Davis being recognized as male by her Russian documents.

“We are not alone in having such problems,” Davis said to “I have written to couples who are planning similar marriages are afraid of failures with registration. Be aware-you cannot be refused.”

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