Conservative Radio Host: Land Campaign ‘Most Ill-Fated Campaign’

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This morning, while Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate was busy reminding Facebook that she was a mom, conservative radio host Frank Beckmann was on WJR radio trashing her campaign. He was joined by former Republican lawmaker Bill Ballenger, who is also the editor of Inside Michigan Politics.
In a transcript released by the Michigan Democratic Party this morning, Beckmann is quoted leading into the interview and conversation with Ballenger thusly:
“I suppose it was just a matter of time. It had to be cinched this last week when Terri Lynn Land went before the editorial board at MLive and contradicted herself on the auto-bailouts where she once said she opposed government funding and then said, ‘Well, I always supported the auto rescue, and if I were in office, I would have voted in favor of it.’ She then went on to say that the EPA is going too far, but she also agrees that man causes climate change and that we need to look at this logically, do something logical. Well, if you believe in climate change, that we’re killing the planet, then the logical thing to do is stop it and shut down all the coal plants – if you believe in that.
“I mean, so you believe the same thing that’s being peddled by your opponent Gary Peters on behalf of Tom Steyer who’s funding his campaign. I mean, it was just so absolutely unbelievable, the things she said. She was asked, ‘Could you support any new gun regulations?’ Her answer was, ‘Well, I’ve been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.’ Then she said the President needs to have a plan to battle ISIS in Iraq and Syria. ‘So what would you do?’ She didn’t have an answer – no alternatives. Although, she said the President hasn’t led on this. And then, a day later, we get word that the national Republicans are pulling out of their funding of her campaign. Bill Ballenger, the Michigan political publisher and editor – I should say the editor and publisher of Inside Michigan Politics – on the other end of our line. Hello, Bill.”
He then proceeded to pronounce, “This is one of the most ill-fated campaigns I have ever seen in Michigan.”
Meanwhile, liberal advocacy group Progress Michigan took Land to task over her “mom” comments as well.
In a press release, the group noted that Land’s proposal of giving Washington a time-out could be dangerous, considering her opposition to legislation that ended a 2013 government shut down.
“Terri Lynn Land’s party already gave Washington a ‘time-out,’ and it cost our economy $18 million a day and caused many Americans hardships. Washington doesn’t need another time-out; they need leadership, a characteristic that Land clearly doesn’t posses,” says Sam Inglot, a communications specialist with Progress Michigan. “Land is either advocating for another government shutdown or she doesn’t even take her own rhetoric seriously. The question needs to be asked.”
Indeed it does. So, Ms. Land, for the record, do you believe the government should be shut down again, or, do you not believe your own rhetoric? Inquiring minds want to know.

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