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Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

By |2014-11-05T09:00:00-05:00November 5th, 2014|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Matthew Warchus film about strange bedfellows
6 Weeps with abandon
10 Org. of guys who are knock-outs?
13 ” ___ Eclipse”
14 Goal for Sheryl Swoopes
15 Like a pale face
16 “It’s the end of ___”
17 She’s cock-eyed in “South Pacific”
19 Protest in 1-Across
21 Snatch
22 Bentley of “American Beauty”
23 Circle segment
26 “Ed Wood” role
29 Bit of hope
32 Composer Ned
35 Tongue, to a French teacher
38 Actress in 1-Across
40 Like a masochist’s partner
41 New Orleans footballer
42 Rocker Brian
43 Classic soft drink
45 Duvall played her in “Popeye”
46 Vintage wheels
48 Way across the Pacific
51 Unlikely bedfellows in 1-Across
57 Jolie of “The Bone Collector”
58 Big wheels at sea
61 Winter product prefix, in ads
62 Famous cookie maker
63 Shoot off some hot stuff
64 Ship, to seamen
65 Where Boy Scouts sleep together
66 Actor Bill of 1-Across

1 Mom-and-pop org.
2 Wood of the Stones
3 Bit from Ted Casablanca
4 Spacey in “Beyond the Sea”
5 Writer Dykewomon
6 Restaurateur Toots
7 Basketball to Eliza Doolittle?
8 Zimbabwe neighbor
9 Catty quality
10 V-J Day ended it
11 Catch some rays at South Beach
12 Fork over, with “up”
18 Mr. Williams, as Doubtfire
20 Come out on the beach
23 Leave your lover in bed
24 Caesar or Antony
25 Belief summary
27 De Wolfe of design
28 Gate fastener
29 One to ten, e.g.
30 “The ___ and the Ecstasy”
31 Streisand’s cross-dressing movie
33 Biblical Samuel’s mentor
34 OR workers
36 Director Van Sant
37 Acapulco article
39 When perdition freezes over
44 “That’s ___ quit!”
46 Charlotte of “Facts of Life”
47 Big splash
49 Washed-out
50 “SNL”‘s Cheri
51 Slang for vagina
52 Hathaway of “Brokeback Mountain”
53 “Son of Frankenstein” character
54 Privy to
55 Bottomless
56 Bad penny
59 Speed limit letters
60 Place for porking?

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