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An Apple for Adam & Steve

By |2014-11-20T09:00:00-05:00November 20th, 2014|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Use your lips unfaithfully
5 Endora portrayer
10 Biters of Marc Antony’s girlfriend
14 “I” of Socrates
15 Belief summary
16 One way to cook fruit
17 Crude dude
18 Bitch and moan
19 Mandlikova of tennis
20 With 22-Across, statement by 56-Across
22 See 20-Across
24 Recesses for Rev. Piazza
26 Skye on screens
27 54-Across counts his orientation to be among these (with 45-Across and 51-Across)
31 St. Louis clock setting
34 “Holy smoke!” at Beth Simchat Torah
35 Baseball’s Babe
36 Paddle
37 Hairy copiers
38 Voyeurs, e.g.
40 Home, to Glenn Burke
41 Essen article
42 Where to look, in “Misty”
43 Anne of “Volcano”
44 Big initials in fashion
45 See 27-Across
48 Like the 13 Amer. colonies
50 Rimbaud’s room
51 See 27-Across
54 Apple CEO who just came out
58 Garfield’s partner
59 Flat singer of the Chipmunks
61 Brick oven
62 Fruit cover
63 Perineum, in slang
64 Foundation for Humanity name
65 Quiche ingredients
66 Gather up
67 Unit of force

1 Netanyahu, from the land of the cut
2 Weaving machine
3 Lying on
4 Shooting off in the artillery corps
5 Point a finger at
6 First-class
7 St. of Liberace Museum
8 Cut
9 Stars of the Gay Men’s Chorus
10 Washed-out
11 Western wagon
12 Elizabeth of “Transamerica”
13 Go to and fro
21 “Aida,” to Gomer?
23 Threesome answer to “Which one?”
25 “The ___ of San Francisco” (’70s TV show)
27 Sycophant
28 Plugs, plugs, plugs
29 “Are you out of your ___ mind?”
30 Where to find It.
32 Younger daughter of Michelle
33 Family diagrams
38 Some palm markings
39 Band that recorded “Unbelievable”
40 Adorned
42 Gomer’s “anti”
43 Celeste of “All About Eve”
46 Bedding fabrics
47 Tiny flashes
49 Actor Robert and family
51 “Myra Breckinridge” writer Vidal
52 Ginsberg’s “Gotcha”
53 Jack of old Westerns
55 Like some lubes
56 “Brothers & Sisters” producer Ken
57 You may go down on one
60 Caesar’s way

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