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I Hear a Melody

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1 Chart with the bottom line, maybe
6 Pansy supporter
10 “Quills” subject
14 Spine-chilling
15 Irene of “Fame” fame
16 Mireille of “World War Z”
17 Photographer Grace
18 LSD, e.g.
19 Carbon compound
20 Kitchen appliance with spinning blades
23 Airline in “The Aviator”
24 Sebastian or Joan
25 He rubs you the right way
29 Says “Bottoms up!”
33 Sixth word of Abe’s address
34 Over one’s head
37 Actress Perlman
38 Subject of a recent book of photos by James Spada
42 Place in a Robert Redford movie
43 Gussy up
44 Island necklace
45 Rough house
48 Broadway title woman that everybody noes?
50 Roman Empire invaders
53 Pt. of SSN
54 Song about 38-Across using 20-Across on a dairy product?
59 Swimmer you can eat
60 “To be” to Henri
61 Tiny amounts
63 Russian singing duo
64 Screw royally
65 Snatch
66 Get ready for action
67 Chose not to swallow
68 Flynn role opposite Davis

1 Dropout’s doc.
2 Where a sailor may hit bottom
3 Alice’s Restaurant patron
4 Earhart and others
5 Condoms?
6 “The Lion King” villain
7 Meat-filled treats
8 Lucci’s Kane in “All My Children”
9 Arrived
10 Be an onlooker at the Oscars?
11 Word used in dating
12 Closet opening
13 Immigrant ed. choice
21 Former “American Idol” judge Abdul
22 Cone head?
25 “Pirates of Penzance” heroine
26 Type size
27 Somewhat, slangily
28 “The Horse Fair” painter Bonheur
30 “Thou ___ not covet thy neighbor’s … ass”
31 Religious principle
32 When repeated, a “Funny Girl” song
35 Flower shop letters
36 Disney sci-fi flick
39 What the top did from underneath?
40 Wipe away
41 Not at all
46 Kind of truck
47 Maupin’s “Significant ___ ”
49 Rubber stamps
51 Highly agitated down south
52 Lebanon neighbor
54 Whar she blows?
55 Crime category
56 ___ to the bottom (sank)
57 “You know how ___”
58 Use wrecking balls on
59 Gas additive
62 Sarah Jessica Parker’s “city” activity

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