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They Died In The Closet

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1 Bankhead’s home, for short
5 Pesky kid
9 Fruit peel in a drink
14 Russian river
15 Luau dance
16 Path finder
17 Make a hole bigger
18 “Exotica” director Egoyan
19 Hostile state
20 Star of the 1925 silent version of “Ben-Hur”
23 “It’s ___ for Me to Say” (Mathis)
24 Jazz singer James
25 Tax preparer, for short
28 Hollywood Rock
31 Katharine of “Sylvia Scarlett”
33 White or rose alternative
34 Disney’s ” ___ and the Detectives”
36 “Holy cow!”
37 Alan of “And the Band Played On”
39 Said with a sneer
42 Shore opening
43 Elton John wears them
45 Constellation bear
47 Adjective for Abner
48 Norman Bates portrayer Anthony
51 Civil rights advocate Barbara
53 NFL gains
54 “___ I say …”
56 Gaza Stripper assn.
57 Cross-dresser of the FBI
62 How sailors come
65 “Lord of the Rings” singer
66 Care beginning
67 Fruity-smelling compound
68 Six-pointer, sometimes
69 Cry of mock horror
70 It may arouse you in the sack
71 Collette of “The Hours”
72 “There Is Nothing Like a ___”

1 “Perry Mason” star Raymond
2 Kind of code or rug
3 Word to a dominatrix
4 Marc of pop music
5 Erik of the opera, and others
6 Station wagon, e.g.
7 “___ Paris”
8 Football great Joe
9 Word after conversion
10 Otis of Mayberry, for one
11 Dick’s running mate
12 Sch. for Rev. Spahr
13 Take a stab at
21 Narrow margin
22 No. 6 to P-town
25 Top of St. Peter’s
26 Conductor AndrE
27 Gay porn director Rainier
28 Gave a hand
29 Milk sources
30 Henry and June’s Anais
32 Flick it
33 Like Harvey Fierstein’s voice
35 Lucy of “Charlie’s Angels”
38 Comics outburst
40 Erving, to fans
41 Places for really deepthroating?
44 Pull it out and shoot it off
46 Alice’s Restaurant patron
49 Show agreement
50 Least foolish
52 Like The Bard’s star-cross’d lovers
55 Holy, to Jose
57 Give a hoot, literally
58 Idol of porn
59 Don Diego de la ___ (Zorro)
60 Red rind contents
61 Sally who rode into space
62 Actress named Arthur
63 Big initials in fashion
64 B&O stop

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