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Kick funded by the HOPE Fund

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Curtis Libscomb. BTL Photo: Andrew Potter

The HOPE Fund has awarded several grants to KICK, the agency for LGBT African-Americans, both directly and from the Racial Equity Initiative, an offshoot of The HOPE Fund targeting the needs of LGBT people of color.
“It is well known that gays and lesbians nationally lack financial support to LGBT institutions,” said Curtis Lipscomb, KICK’s executive director and a HOPE Fund donor. “So to have The HOPE Fund located here sends a powerful message that, locally, people do care about the institutions that are founded here. And it is wonderful that we have people we can talk to about our organizations. So many grantors don’t talk to their grantees – everything is all online. But with the Community Foundation and The HOPE Fund, there’s an opportunity to connect with the staff and donors. That’s great news!”

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