Government Small Enough To Insert In Your Vagina

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The party of “smaller government” is living up to those promises. That damned government and all its regulations are hurting freedom, you know? So shrinking government and eliminating burdensome regulations like requiring employees working in food service to wash their hands is all about “freedom” and requiring women to have medical devices shoved in their vaginas in order to qualify for an abortion is not a burden on freedom.
Michigan Republican lawmakers on Feb. 25 introduced legislation in the state house to do just that.
Sponsors of the bill include members of the unholy trinity, Reps. Cindy Gamrat, R-Plainwell, and Todd Courser, R-Lapeer, along with the aptly named Rep. Tom Hooker from Wyoming.
The folks over at Democracy Tree point out that the legislation would prohibit a woman from getting an abortion until a medical professional has determined there is a fetal heartbeat. As writer Amy Kerr Hardin points out, most over-the-counter pregnancy tests can accurately detect a pregnancy in the time period (up to six weeks) before a fetus has a beating heart. As a result, abortions in early pregnancy – before a fetus has a heartbeat – would be illegal.
But wait folks, it gets better and better on this one.
So, you’re a woman who is four weeks pregnant. You have the tests to prove it. But your fetus has not yet developed a heartbeat. What’s a woman to do, since the GOP doesn’t want you to remove that fetus without a heartbeat?
According to the legislation, the physician should “immediately perform an additional diagnostic procedure or procedures that may detect a fetal heartbeat or to delay until a later date performing a diagnostic procedure to determine if the fetus is physically developing.” And how does a physician accomplish this feat? Why, with a transvaginal ultrasound!
Hey, but if Gamrat gets her way, even this pesky ultrasound thing won’t be an issue. On Feb. 26, her PR flacks put out a press release announcing introduction of legislation that would declare life begins at conception.
“Rep. Gamrat’s House Bill 4279 would extend the full protections and rights enjoyed by Michigan citizens to the unborn,” the release reads. “She estimates the bill, if passed and signed into law, could save the lives of over 23,000 babies lost to abortion in Michigan annually. The bill has garnered 22 co-sponsors in the Michigan House of Representatives.”
“As medicine and technology have advanced, the scientific consensus is indisputable: life begins at conception. This legislation brings together people of faith and reason to protect the lives and rights of the most vulnerable among us,” said Rep. Gamrat.
The bill is not yet online for review, but the press release claims the bill would have an exception for the life of the mother.

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