While State GOP Tries To Stop Abortions, They Are Also Trying to Stop Gay Adoptions

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While the GOP is busy making it harder – if not impossible – for a woman to get an abortion, they’re also in the process of allowing adoption programs to deny adoptions to otherwise qualified parents because of “sincerely held religious beliefs.” No, seriously. This old chestnut is back.
Activists from Adrian have mounted a Facebook campaign to counter the bills and are planning a protest at the Capitol at 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 5.
“Think the Michigan LGBTQ Community should be discriminated against when it comes to foster care placement and adoption?” says activist Nicole Gestwite in an email announcing the protests. “No?! Neither do we. You, yes you are more than welcome and encouraged to join us in raising your voice in opposition!! Children need homes. They need good homes. Why would anyone want to deny a child a good home?”

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