It’s Our Turn To Cry

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1 Queen’s beehive, e.g.
5 NG: Neighbor of Pakistan
9 They won’t pose for nude photos
14 Sometime defender of gay rights
15 Oral gratification from the fridge
16 NG: “Me too”
17 Lesley’s song about getting a rebound lover
19 Come next
20 Sexy one at a bar, e.g.
21 NG: Scales
22 Hail Mary ___
23 Like the Oscars?
24 NG: Vocalist Vic
27 Study hard, as erectile dysfunction?
30 NG: “___ first you don’t succeed …”
31 Golf classic Dinah
33 NG: Lots of
34 Myrna of “The Thin Man”
35 With 55-Across, Lesley’s feminist anthem
36 Initials of Stonewall Jackson’s boss
37 WNBA star Rebecca
39 NG: Salon jobs
41 NG: “What’s ___ you?”
42 “Angel of the Waters” sculptor Emma
44 Deep crack in Mother Earth
46 NG: Ex of “The Donald”
47 Lesbian ___ fiction
48 Orally appealing, perhaps
50 Crack down
54 Tried to tackle tight ends, e.g.
55 See 35-Across
56 NG: Overplay a part
57 Russian river
58 NG: Schedule guesses, briefly
59 Tool for Edith Head
60 Cut
61 Dancer Reagan and Wood of the Stones

1 It’s stuck under G-strings
2 Two foursomes, to Lorca
3 NG: “Why should ___ you?”
4 NG: Stickler for details
5 NG: Flavors by soaking
6 Tops of houses
7 NG: Dating from
8 Org. that makes Stanley wear a cup?
9 NG: Nutrition writer Davis
10 Two drinks, at some gay bars
11 Lesley’s song about a stolen beau
12 Broadway ticket souvenir
13 Tools for cultivating pansies
18 NG: ___ all-time high
21 NG: Movie theater
23 “Julius Caesar” setting
24 Stick them in with your pickle
25 NG: In the works
26 Lesley’s song about a cheating lover
27 NG: Ill-bred individuals
28 ___ a customer
29 Material on a drag queen’s legs
32 Whoopi, in “The Lion King”
38 NG: Render unnecessary
39 Mulan’s male persona
40 Send to the bottom
41 Like a queen on the throne
43 NG: Playful talk
45 Karen Carpenter, for one
47 Like an institution for penile penetration?
48 NG: Hawkish deity
49 Word before “sex,” in marriage discussions
50 Lesley, who sang “Judy’s Turn to Cry”
51 NG: Golden Rule word
52 Guy under Hoover
53 NG: Big name in oil
55 You won’t get a bang out of it

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