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The territorial governor of Michigan, most known for his surrender of Detroit to the British in the War of 1812, also has a small role in this whole “religious freedom” debate at the Capitol. Nestled in the basement of the Capitol, under the rotunda and feet away from the tour and State Police desks, is a display on the history of the U.S. government — really, a history of government in the western world in general, starting with Hammurabi. One of the last panels of the display is Gov. William Hull’s writings regarding the rights of Michiganders.
“It is expressly provided that no person demeaning himself in a peaceable and orderly manner Shall ever be molested on account of his mode of Worship, or Religious Sentiments; here you have secured to you the important privilege of worshipping your God agreeable to the dictates of your own conscience,” Hull’s words read.
Perhaps those words need to be amended now — maybe just a parenthetical — “Unless a small vocal majority has determined that their religious values and beliefs are better and more important than yours — then, you have no privilege except to join them or lose health care, adoption rights and other rights enjoyed by most free people of the state of Michigan — like commerce, housing and employment.”
But why let some old, white Christian guy — long dead — dictate state policy when there is a threat to America — Sharia Law! Gays! Gays! Gays! Sharia Law!

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