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Favorite Gay Things About Mad Max

By | 2015-06-11T09:00:00-04:00 June 11th, 2015|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Staff leader for Copland?
6 Plug extension
9 Egyptian vipers
13 Eurasian range
14 Diana of “The Avengers”
16 Madonna, in a creche
17 She plays Aunty Entity in “Mad Max”
19 Like every other number
20 “Move your ass!”
21 Like a flaming queen?
23 Washer cycle
24 “The rain in ___…”
25 Most queer
28 Vehicles that swing both ways?
31 Piecrust ingredient
32 It arouses soldiers in bed
33 Lizzie Borden used one
34 Rubber-stamped
35 Material worn by _Mad Max_ cops
37 Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
38 Actress Charlotte
39 Secretes nocturnally
40 “To Kill a Mockingbird” character
41 Stocking materials for queens?
43 High points
45 Dens of bears
46 Farm fare
47 Ruler with a vagina
49 Place for a fruit dessert
53 Skin moisturizer
54 Minimalist clothing worn in “Mad Max”
56 Position to fill
57 Fender nick
58 Oral performances
59 Lamarr of “Samson and Delilah”
60 Writer Harper
61 Back to the present

1 Balls
2 Lit ___
3 Nathan of “The Producers”
4 Rolled by
5 Lens settings for Mapplethorpe
6 Utah’s Hatch
7 Navel fetish accessory?
8 Tree rings indication
9 Aviator Earhart
10 Leader of a tribe of children in “Mad Max”
11 Honest Abe, for one
12 Auld lang ___
15 Fight hand-to-hand
18 Hand, when measuring a stallion
22 Cotton compressor
24 Love-making sounds
25 Prayer start at Metropolitan Community Church
26 Senegal’s capital
27 Magistrate of Bartertown in “Mad Max”
28 Top targets
29 Send to Siberia
30 Elite divers
32 Attempts to seduce
35 Pinko’s hero
36 City hue in Oz
40 Disapprove of
42 Homosexuality?
43 Obi-Wan player
44 Tulip tree, e.g.
46 Barely burn
47 Possible STD symptom
48 Woods of “Legally Blonde”
49 Box material in “Six Feet Under”
50 “Take a crack ___”
51 Adverb for seamen
52 Canadian oil company
55 Lubricant

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