25 Perfect Summer Songs For Your Poolside Playlist

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Slip on your swimsuit, break out the blender and pump up the jams. Today you’re kickin’ it poolside with a freshly selected and eclectic playlist that screams fun in the sun.

‘Summertime,’ DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

There’s not a chance in hell you’ll make it to Labor Day without this warm-weather classic infiltrating your ears. That goes double if you run in hipster circles where early-’90s nostalgia is all the rage. (You can thank BuzzFeed for that.)

‘Amber,’ 311

Laid back with reggae roots, this turn-of-the-century love note to Nicole Scherzinger remains 311’s most popular song, despite it never cracking the Top 10.

‘Fly,’ Sugar Ray

Remember the time that Mark McGrath’s SoCal surfer-meets-rockstar style made your loins quiver. That’s a statement, not a question.

‘Summer Girls,’ Lyte Funkie Ones

The song is nonsensical and juvenile – but that’s precisely what made it so popular the summer of ’99. You’re welcome, Abercrombie & Fitch.

‘Jamiacan Betel Nut,’ Amit

Aside from the hook (an encouraging “Get up! Stand up!”) and a reference to Bob Marley, the lyrics to this genre-bending T-Pop song are in Thai. But that’s OK – because it’s the beat that’ll have you like, ‘Where the beach party at?’

‘Good People,’ Jack Johnson

J.J. asks, “Where’d all the good people go?” Put your phone down and reacquaint yourself with a few that are near you.

‘Summer of ’69,’ Bryan Adams

You may not remember it – for one of many reasons – but the summer of ’69 had a lion’s share of awesomeness. From the moon landing to Woodstock – and this quintessential summer song that captures the innocence of American adolescence – it’s no wonder why Adams belted out that this was “the best day of my life.”

‘One Love,’ Lucky Dube

Life would be so much sweeter if we lived in a world according to Lucky Dube.

‘Life in the Fast Lane,’ Eagles

Enjoy the summer at a slower pace? Nah – that’s what winter is for.

‘Lovely Day,’ Bill Withers

If you’re by the pool with your besties, it is.

‘Kokomo,’ Beach Boys

You didn’t think I’d create a sunshine-y playlist without the Beach Boys, did you? While “Kokomo” and its promises of “bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand” top our list of BB faves, close runners up include “Good Vibrations,” “Surfin’ U.S.A.,” and (the likely relatable) “I Get Around.”

‘Shut Up and Dance,’ Walk the Moon

Do what they say and nobody gets hurts.

‘Can’t Deny My Love,’ Brandon Flowers

Admittedly there’s somewhat of a stalker-ish vibe to this ’80s-tinged lead single from Flowers’ second studio album, but we’ve all been there. Especially when you’re crushin’ on that lifeguard who’s sun-kissed and dripping wet.

‘My Type,’ Saint Motel

Let me guess, your type is the one over there with the beach-blond hair and abs that ripple like steam from a sidewalk. Full of surprises, aren’t ya?

‘Trap Queen,’ Fetty Wap

Crank it up in the grotto. You won’t regret it.

‘Bad Blood,’ Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

Did you really think you’d get through this summer without a T. Swift banger on repeat? Don’t resist this remix; submit to the overlords.

‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone,’ Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Make this your motto – stat! Enjoy… your… life… more.

‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt,’ Maroon 5

Skip the track and cue up the Vevo instead. Adam Levine’s naked bum makes summer days brighter.

‘On the Regular,’ Shamir

If I had to choose just one song on this list, this would be it – hands down. Energetic, upbeat, sassy and fun, Shamir’s “On the Regular” puts your iPod on lock. Besides, anybody who describes himself as a “musician, comedian, singer, rapper, twerker, chef, writer, filmmaker, tumblr, skinny fat ass” is A-OK in my book.

‘The Boys of Summer,’ Don Henley

Government-mandated listening when the mercury is above 90.

‘Fancy,’ Iggy Azalea

Say what you will about Iggy – just don’t pretend this song doesn’t make you all swishy, gurl.

‘Run,’ Coin

For that extra pep you’ll need to complete the canyon before you can get your dip on.

‘Girls/Girls/Boys,’ Panic! At the Disco

Because a bare-chested Brendon Urie is what dope summers are made of.

‘Until We Can’t Go (Let’s Go),’ Passion Pit

Wait for it… wait for it… Ah, there we go.

‘And We Danced,’ Macklemore feat. Ziggy Stardust

For that end-of-the-night pants off dance-off. It’s been a loooong day.

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