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You Can’t Tie the Knot? NOT!

By |2015-07-23T09:00:00-04:00July 23rd, 2015|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Protection for one’s head

6 Sweet dream spoiler

11 Prepare for phone sex

15 “I am ___ than grass…” (Sappho)

16 Hub-to-rim lines

17 Event for Geert Blanchart

18 Cara of “Fame”

19 Right on the button

20 What Dorian Gray never does

21 Porno film ” ___ 69″

22 “I Do” singer

24 “Chapel of Love” singer

28 You betcha

29 Like sex for one

30 Threesome member for Dumas

34 Gaza Stripper, e.g.

38 Rick’s old flame

40 Frame of mind

41 “Wedding Serenade” singer

44 Bound by routine

45 Mishima’s continent

46 ’50s talk-show pioneer

47 Homosexuality and more, in Leviticus

48 Sea eagles

50 LBJis veep

52 “Beautiful Day” singer

57 What the four songs in this puzzle celebrate for LGBTs

61 Frightfully strange

62 Architecture, to Julia Morgan

63 Blue material, but not porn

66 Persona non ___

67 Diplomacy breakdown

68 De Wolfe of design

69 Rob on the screen

70 Lambda Legal Defense suit, e.g.

71 Shirt spoiler

72 What a chicken hawk may raid


1 Cathedral of Hope topper

2 Claire McNab’s inspector Ashton

3 Alaskan tongue

4 Slow, to Saint-Saens

5 Emulates a peacock

6 “We ___ Family”

7 Overly permissive

8 Butler’s last words

9 Affluent, to Lorca

10 Walter portrayed by Danny Kaye

11 Where cross-dressers race

12 He did Moor good, then harm

13 Perfect serves from Mauresmo

14 It’s sometimes more

23 “Coffee, ___ Me?”

25 Floorboard supporter

26 Earthen pot

27 Biblical prophet married to Gomer

31 “If I Only ___ Brain”

32 Poet Broumas

33 One available for future reference?

34 In the center of

35 Butch Janet

36 “The Spell” author Hollinghurst

37 Gay honeymoons won’t contribute to this

39 Cruising, maybe

40 Had in mind

42 Kind of bar

43 Al who blew it

49 Pete of folk

51 Hell for the Greeks?

52 Head-oriented group

53 Left page, in a manuscript

54 Muse for Millay

55 Removal of the foreskin and more

56 It helps a baker get it up

57 “South Park” composer Shaiman

58 Vehicle for the high C’s?

59 New York Liberty game officials

60 Moola

64 Caesar’s three

65 Queens on a chessboard, ironically

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BTL Staff
Between The Lines has been publishing LGBTQ-related content in Southeast Michigan since the early '90s. This year marks the publication's 27th anniversary.